Clear-AI Could Be a Revolutionary Tool For Realtors And Builders

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Digital artificial intelligence that will enhance your listings or homes
Clear Inspect introduces Clear-AI, the real estate digital assistant.

Clear Inspect, the company that was highlighted earlier in 2020 as the company that provides inspections on technology such as audio and video, recently released a new artificial intelligence digital assistant product that will provide tremendous support to Realtors and builders everywhere.

They are calling the product Clear-AI or Real Estate Digital Assistant. The device resembles the popular Echo Dot or the Google Home Mini. Instead of playing music or ordering items, though, the Clear AI digital assistant assists Realtors and builders by telling the story or answer questions of the home.

How Does It Work?

Watch and learn about the Real Estate Digital Assistant from Clear Inspect

If you didn’t want to watch the all four minutes and 52 seconds of the video, here is how the Real Estate Digital Assistant works:

  1. Link device to wifi in home
  2. Program specific questions and specific responses
  3. Stand back and be amazed

It’s a little more in-depth that, but you get the gist. It is designed to be there when the Realtor or builder isn’t, so that clients can get their questions answered or more information about the home.

For Realtors

Imagine you are a Realtor of a listing with unique features that need to be showcased. You can’t be there for every showing to answer all questions for prospective buyers. When another agent shows the property, they might not know all the information or story regarding the home that you want to convey.

Enter the Real Estate Digital Assistant. With the proper planning, you can program all the pertinent information you want to be highlighted about your listing. All the showing agent needs to do is read from the list of provided questions. Voila!

True Story

Just last week I showed a home in a pricey neighborhood that happened to back to an unsightly commercial building. While the listing agent had information in the MLS property page about the future of the visible impediment, I did not have all the answers to my client’s questions.

If the listing agent would have had the Real Estate Digital Assistant product in the home with a list of questions to ask, the precise information regarding the structure could have been explained to my clients exactly how the listing agent and sellers wanted it to explain. That agent could have made a sale.

For Builders

New home building companies typically have a sales consultant work out of a model home to greet prospective buyers. In larger developments, there might be multiple sales consultants to meet incoming guests. But what if every consultant is busy?

If a builder had the Clear-AI product in a model home — or even an inventory home in the community — a waiting buyer could tour the product and receive specific responses to questions regarding features in the home.

What do you think about Clear-AI?


Seth Fowler

Seth Fowler is a licensed real estate sales professional with Williams Trew Real Estate in Fort Worth. Statements and opinions are his own - no matter how correct. Seth has been involved in the home sales and real estate business in DFW since 2004. He and his family have lived in the Fort Worth area for the past 15 years. You can reach Seth at 817.980.6636. Seth also loves bow ties.

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