Vivian Tejeda, Amy Lilly Team Up To Serve Deaf And Hard-Of-Hearing

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Real estate brings people together. And for agents Vivian Tejeda and Amy Lilly with JP & Associates Realtors, their passion to serve the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community in Dallas-Fort Worth did just that.

JP & Associates Realtors Combine Forces To Assist Deaf And Hard-Of-Hearing Families With Their Real Estate Needs

“As a mother to my two deaf daughters, my heart is with the Deaf community,” says Vivian Tejeda. “I experience every high and low that comes along with one’s life journey of being hearing impaired, as I am by my daughters’ side every day. I know the struggles of making communication choices, the pressures of early intervention, and the sometimes isolating feeling of being different.”

For Amy Lilly, the cause also hits close to home. “I have a medical condition that causes deafness later in life,” she says.

“Currently I am Deaf in one ear and slowly losing the hearing in the other. A couple of years ago I decided it was time to learn American Sign Language for myself for when the time comes that I need to rely on ASL as a primary form of communication,” Amy said. “I’m currently in school with one of the best interpreting programs in the area and being taught by Deaf professors with Deaf tutors. Before COVID-19, I was joining ASL groups and meeting other Deaf or ASL users. It was wonderful!”

Their Sights Are Set On Building A Group Of Home Inspectors, Lenders, And Realtors To Better Serve Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing Families

Today, the pair are working together – although they operate as separate agents – to better serve the real estate needs of those within the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community.

“I discovered Amy’s post within my brokerage in search of agents who either knew or had the desire to learn sign language,” says Vivian. “I was overwhelmed with excitement! I’ve had the strong desire to study sign language for so many years, but have had limited opportunities to take on the commitment and time. My two girls wear cochlear implants. This enables me the advantage of communicating with them verbally. But, as those who wear cochlear implants know, they aren’t permanent. There are multiple moments throughout the day, and all throughout the night, that my children do not have their processors in. If I not only educate myself but my girls in ASL to where we are fluent, then I can advocate for my family and so many others in the community!”

“Amy and I are not a team, but we share the same goal,” Vivian added. “We aspire to build a group of home inspectors, lenders, and realtors that can assist deaf families with their real estate needs. I think doing this would change the industry and shed light on making homeownership more accessible to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.”

“We are not a team as much as share we share a passion,” adds Amy. “The JPAR Nation, as we call it, is rich in culture and supports agents and their passion. We have found there are many agents throughout our offices who also share this same passion.”

JP & Associates Realtors On A Mission To Give Back

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In fact, both Vivian and Amy are highly motivated Dallas-Fort Worth real estate agents with a track record of results. And both are on a mission to give back.

Vivian is a Fort Worth native who brings a wealth of relocation experience and high attention to detail to every transaction. Her reputation as an up-and-coming industry leader makes her a respected and well-informed advisor who is eager to assist with any homebuyer or seller needs.

“I hold very high standards for myself and my business, beyond what clients would expect from me,” says Vivian. “When it comes to buying or selling a home, I believe that the Deaf community can greatly benefit from having an agent that is deaf-friendly like myself. Excellent communication is always important. It is a top priority to me. In the real estate world, negotiations are not only timely but critical to the decision-making process. Being able to clearly and efficiently present offers to or for my clients, and help them achieve their dreams is so fulfilling to me.”

Both Agents Are Well-Regarded With A Client Commitment That Is Second To None

Like Vivian, Amy is well-known for her client commitment and over 15 years of experience in seeing family’s dreams come true. Her strong client relationships, local knowledge, and ability to navigate the challenges of tough transactions, make her a sought-after, highly skilled agent who is not only a creative thinker but a problem solver too. She prides herself on telling clients, “I come with the house” – a tagline she fully embraces by being there for her clients, before, during, and after the sale.

Amy says, “Sometimes I feel like I could write a book about the stories I have collected over the years. I have been blessed to be asked to help lenders buy and sell their personal homes as well as people in the title industry. This to me is always a huge honor since they have so many relationships with other Realtors. I have sold family members, friends, neighbors, and newly made friends. All have a different story of life and I love hearing about them.”

And Amy works with a variety of clientele. She adds, “So many professions I have been honored to work with, school teachers, nurses, doctors, scientists, University professors, Homeland Security, truck drivers, military, oil and gas, trash pickup. Their  stories fascinate me! Right now, American Sign Language is still new to me and but I’m working hard for it to become my second language. I do however relate to the challenges of not hearing and how the hearing may not understand.”

Above all, Amy wants the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community to know that she will treat them no different than her hearing clients. She has a passion to help.

Looking To The Future, Vivian And Amy Have Big Plans

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Aside from connecting like-minded folks with a passion for serving others, Vivian and Amy hope to host future Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing events and fundraisers once the pandemic subsides. They also plan to get more involved with upcoming Dear Awareness events around the Dallas-Fort Worth Area in the near future.

Most importantly, Vivian says she wants the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community to know that she will leverage her hearing privilege to their advantage. 

“I am such a strong advocate for all of my clients,” she says. “And that would be especially true for those who are deaf. I have such a strong purpose to work on perfecting my sign language skills to better serve them. Although I am not fluent as of right now, that will not stop me from going the extra mile to help them in absolutely any way that they need. Real Estate related, or not!”

“My encounters with the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community are so special to me,” Vivian explains. “I am so eager to watch them succeed, knowing that my daughters will be in their shoes one day! I recently met a buyer at an Open House and immediately made it a point to acknowledge them and introduce myself through signing. Being able to make this person feel seen and appreciated, bringing a sense of normalcy to their day, was something I want to continue to do for everybody.”

Reach Out For More Information Or To Get Involved

If you or someone you know would like more information on how Vivian Tejeda and Amy Lilly can assist you, we encourage you to contact them at:

Vivian Tejeda, JP and Associates REALTORS®
P: 682.203.5017
Amy Lilly, JP and Associates REALTORS®
P: 817-723-9367

Learn more about JP & Associates Realtors here.


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