If You’re Into Cottages, Kessler Plaza Is Where It’s At

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Dave Perry-Miller’s Ann Andrews loves Kessler Plaza. So much so that she lives there. She calls it one of the best undiscovered pockets in Oak Cliff. And the perk of “undiscovered” is price points. Over in Kessler Plaza, you can still find adorable cottages at a bit of a budget-friendlier price. 

The first thing Andrews said about Kessler Plaza is how friendly it is. It’s super walkable and everyone is out with their dogs and kids and they all wave hello. It’s a real Pleasantville sitch over there and we’re into it.

Moss Park is nearby, too, and no doubt the destination of all these neighbors out getting their steps in. Especially recently since, you know, the great outdoors is one of the only places we’re all still allowed to go. 

A Neighborhood With a Sunny Disposition

Have you ever been in a neighborhood where the sun just seems to shine a little brighter? That’s Kessler Plaza. 

And over at 2435 Sunset Avenue, the sun is really shining. It was only on the market for 3 days before it had multiple offers and a call for the best and final. 

Part of the appeal is the price, for sure. Something this cute and this close to the Bishop Arts District that’s listed for $319,000 is bound to sell instantly. 

But there’s more to it than just the price. This house is super cute and charming. It’s updated, but not overly done. The kitchen and bathrooms have seen various stages of makeovers, but the hardwoods in the living areas are original. The arched built-ins are still standing, too. Over the years, things were removed and remodeled, but, as Andrews puts it, the character of this house is still intact.

It also has a room with a dramatic ceiling that mimics the roofline that I, personally, can’t resist. 

A Verdant Retreat For Al Fresco Living

And then there’s the backyard. The current owners obviously live that al fresco life and Andrews says they’re out in their garden all the time. Who wouldn’t be? It’s lush and green and gives you that forget-about-the-day every day feeling. 

Like we said, 2435 Sunset Avenue already has a contract, but if you love this style, give Andrews a call. She’s with the Melissa O’Brien Group — they know the area quite well and would be more than happy to help you find your dream cottage. 


Nikki Barringer

Nikki Lott Barringer is a licensed real estate agent at Ebby Halliday/Preston-Keller. She’s also a freelance writer that loves interior design and architecture. Though she will never remember if it’s Midcentury or mid-century and honestly, she’s okay with that. Other fun facts: Nikki loves cake for breakfast, shopping online and powerwalking her pants off. She’s also much younger than her hobbies would lead you to believe.

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