Need to Cool Your Heels? Dive Into The Pools of Tarrant County

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2108 Bradford Park, which was featured in 2019, has a gorgeous pool.

It’s hot out there. It’s always hot out there during this time of year, but this year we can’t (or we aren’t supposed to) take a dip in community pools or congregate at a friend’s pool to cool off.

Apparently the swimming pool business is exploding across Texas right now. There is a long waiting list for homeowners who want to have swimming options in case this COVID-19 stuff doesn’t go away anytime soon.

Pools can be small to fit the available space
Not every pool has to be large to be enjoyed. You could cool off easily in this dip pool at5224 El Campo Avenue from 2019.

Because of this demand, Tarrant County Tuesday has decided to showcase a retrospective of pools. Hopefully, it will give ideas and inspiration if you are considering having a pool built on your property, or it will simply cool you off a little just by reading about them.

Pools of All Shapes And Sizes

Pools don’t have to always be shaped like a kidney bean. Over the past few years we have seen them all — large, small, round, oval, square, rectangle.

Just as Marilyn Monroe sang in the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” about diamonds, we can sing about pools … “square-cut or pear-shaped … pools are everyone’s best friend.” We’ve even experienced a triangular-shaped pool.

pools of all shapes are still pools
Featured in 2017, 2906 Shadow Drive showed us that pools can be just about any shape.

Of course you can never go wrong with a rectangular pool.

This stunner at 4225 Ranier Court from 2018 had grass all the way to edge of pool coping.

Made In The Shade

Constructing a pool to take advantage of existing landscape and terrain always makes for a pretty scene.

Featured in 2019, this pool at 4001 Hildring was carefully crafted to take advantage of amazing trees on all sides.

Not everyone wants to get too much sun or get burned when enjoying the cool water of a swimming pool. As long as the leaves aren’t going to be a filter or clean-up nightmare, shade is never a bad thing.

Scenic Views

When there is not a tree in sight, it’s relaxing to be able to enjoy a nice view while relaxing in a pool.

Negative edge pools are so pretty
Featured in 2018, 321 Verna Trail offers expansive views of a large horse ranch from the pool.

In 2017 we featured a home just west of Fort Worth at 153 Crown Ridge Court. The home was built high on a hill and had tremendous views from the backyard. You could see for miles while splishing and splashing in the pool.

There’s not much shade because this pool was constructed higher than many trees.

The best thing about swimming pools is that there is never a right or wrong shape, style, or size. If you’re considering having a pool built at your home, call your most trusted pool company and get on the waiting list.

This virus isn’t going anywhere. The Texas heat isn’t going anywhere. Start planning for Summer 2021 because it’ll be here before you know it.

This home at 5244 Bryce Avenue was literally built where around the pool, which is at the center of the home.

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