Banish Boring Walls: A New Way to Buy Innovative Art

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Nantucket-ish, an original artwork by Brigid Seay.

Choosing art can be intimidating. So many walls—and so many choices. That is where Dallas artist representative Renee Rhyner comes in. Along with brokering jobs for her roster of creative talent, the enterprising agent saw a void in the market. A place to buy innovative artwork at accessible prices.  

“As long as I’ve been running my agency, my artists have been producing extraordinary pieces for clients,” she says. “Why not create a website featuring amazing artwork I’d want hanging in my own house?”

Photographer Elizabeth Lavin’s Neon Love.

The result: RR & Co: a unique mix of mediums and methods, techniques and talents, price points and points-of-view. Twenty-four featured artists hail from all over the world. Prices range from $55 photography prints to $6,600 oil paintings.

Affordability was key. “There wasn’t much of a middle ground between galleries and mainstream retails outlets,” says Rhyner. “My goal was finding cool art that wouldn’t break the bank.”

Chloe, an original artwork on paper by Geoffrey Henning.

Four categories of works are available: paintings, illustrations, photography, and type design. Most can be ordered framed (white, black, walnut, or maple) or unframed.


Oil-on-canvas originals include Cap Pannell’s captivating cloudscapes, evoking calmness and tranquility. Brigid Seay’s work is influenced by her travels, reflecting color, scale, and landscape.

January, an original oil on canvas by Cap Pannell

Geoffrey Henning—an artist, stylist, and clothing designer—sketches first, then layers water colors on top. His fashion work has appeared in Elle, Vogue, and Flare magazines.


Each of the site’s six illustrators vary in style and technique. Emma Cowlam, a graduate of London’s Chelsea School of Art, uses needle and thread. Her recent show at the Victoria Albert Museum was a sell-out.

Emma Cowlam’s C’est Si Bon is created with needle and thread.

Many of Rob Wilson’s illustrations reflect his West Texas roots. Inherent in his work: a keen eye and sense of humor. New York City-based Juliette Borda’s earnest, insightful pieces enlighten viewers on the human condition.

A great party game: Identify all the faces in Rob Wilson’s Heads of State illustration.


The site sports the work of 14 noteworthy photographers.

Photographer Beth Perkins’ Glow Tide

Sharon Neel-Bagley’s work explores climate change and conservation. Beth Perkins is known for shooting intrinsically-real environmental images.

The New Yorker called Dave Anderson’s work as “clear-eyed and unsentimental as it is soulful and sympathetic.” Editorial photographer Elizabeth Lavin’s body of work runs the gamut, from fashion and portraits to travel and social issues.

Type Design

According to Time magazine, typographer Tom Brown is “versatile, original, and makes anyone who hires him look great.” This writer/designer agrees. I’m planning on getting “What Would Brigitte Bardot Do” for my office.

Check out the complete selection at

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