Don’t Skip These Six Tips For Your Best Listing Photos Ever

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By Terry Tremaine
2020 MetroTex President

In today’s market, virtual showings are occurring more frequently and you want to showcase your home for sale with the best visuals possible. The good news is that while a pro is always preferable, you don’t always need a professional photographer to take great photos, especially in an emergency situation.. A few simple steps can elevate your agents’ pictures.

Tidy up. 

Start by making your home look its best. Clean up. Remove any clutter from the room you’re photographing. Organize the space neatly. Make it look inviting to guests.

See the light. 

Sunshine can present your room in the best light for photos. Open the curtains! Buyers want to know how much light a room receives. If the room does not receive much natural light, make sure the room is well lit to showcase the room’s features. Avoid harsh lighting if possible; consider changing light bulbs or using lamps. The same idea goes for outdoor shots. Choose a sunny day to take exterior pictures.

Show off. 

Choose a point of view that shows off as much of the room as possible. Taking a photo in a corner may take in the full view of the room. Doorways are often a good option.

Tell a story. 

If you want to show that the dining room is right next to the kitchen, take a photo with the dining room in the foreground and the kitchen in the background (or vice versa). If a window has a great view, make sure you can see the view in your photo. If a fireplace is the centerpiece of a room, place it in the middle of your photo.

No filter. 

Make sure your photos are clear and in focus. Don’t add any filters or embellishments—they won’t impress buyers.

Don’t forget! 

Buyers want to see your entire home. Take photos of bathrooms, attics, and garages. Include any outside features as well: front and back yards, patios, and pools.

Terry Tremaine is the 2020 President of The MetroTex Association of Realtors is the largest Realtor association in North Texas and sixth-largest real estate association in the U.S. MetroTex provides programs and services to over 21,000 professionals involved in all aspects of real estate. MetroTex empowers its members through professional development, advocacy and market intelligence leading to prosperity.  Find the Right Realtor and the Right Home at

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  1. Karen L Otto says

    While these are very good tips to help a seller get their spaces ready for photos, I can’t imagine an emergency situation where a seller needs to take their own photos for listing, even during this unprecedented climate we’re in. I know professional photographers are working and working safe as they are essential to the support of real estate marketing. From face masks, shoe covers, gloves, wipes to asking sellers not to be home when they’re in the house, they are making it work for all their clients. Now more than ever before online presentation is so important and while I can see a “coming soon” Facebook or Instagram sneak peek from a Realtor taking shots for pre-listing marketing material for social media channels, I would never list my own home without professional quality photos. It’s truly now the first chance to make a lasting impression and buyers are ruling out houses from the online presentation before ever stepping foot inside the house – they were doing this before Covid-19 stay at home #staysafe protocols but now it’s the new normal. Even the photos presented in this post are professionally shot. There is a huge difference in amateur v.s. pro photography. I would never tell a seller to list their homes without a Realtor but I would caution one against hiring one who tells them to take their own photos.

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