Putting the Finishing Touches on 2020 Quarantine Dream Home

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2020 Quarantine Dream Home will have large comfy chairs to binge Tiger King
If you’re going to spend double-digit hours a day binging shows, might as well do it in comfort like in 2906 Shadow Drive.

For those who are in quarantine but maybe don’t have Internet and haven’t read about the 2020 Quarantine Dream Home that Tarrant County Tuesday is building, here’s Part One and here is Part Two to get caught up.

Now comes the third-and-final segment of this mythical home that would be the envy of all. Previously we’ve highlighted an indoor slide, indoor jungle/atrium, amazing pool, rock climbing room, private putting green, and a relaxing porch with Texas views.

For those that aren’t into exercise during this hiatus, we are going to focus on more relaxing elements of our 2020 Quarantine Dream Home.

Hang Out in Style

There are only so many jump squats, down dogs, or planks one can do before that just gets old. Not everyone wants to work out to Jane Fonda or Susanne Summers during social distancing time. Some just like to kick back and relax with a good book or to binge a few dozen shows a day.

A vital part of the Quarantine Dream Home is the space to get away. Whether to do a puzzle, work on a hobby, or just crank up the noise, every dream home needs a place to chillax.

Unfortunately for the next owners, the Star Wars displays on the 3rd floor of 2234 Hurley didn’t convey with the property. Still, it was a pretty cool room.

While many can read or listen to a book on the tablet or computer, some still like to touch-and-feel a good book. For those that do, enjoy these spaces.

The reading room at 2455 Halloran Street had plenty of places to house a good novel or two.
The reading room at 2244 Winton Terrace with books, a fireplace, and comfy couches, is the perfect place to read, relax, and take a snooze.

It’s Noon Somewhere

Who can wait until 5 o’clock during isolation to enjoy a libation or two?

While the economy is tanking, liquor stores are reporting record revenue over the past few weeks. The home bar and wine cellar is now a “must-have” for the Quarantine Dream Home.

Home bars and wine storage areas don’t have to be elaborate, but functionality is important as seen at 1317 Belle Place.

What makes a good wine storage room? They can be all shapes and sizes but certainly proper temperature control is key. It’s also nice when they can store more than a few bottles at a time.

2020 Quarantine Dream Home certainly needs a large wine room!
The home at 2212 Hawthorn has a walk-in wine cellar that surely would hold ample bottles to get through this quarantine mess.

Of course a wine cellar or room doesn’t have to be hidden in a cave either. The bar area for the home at 1105 Knoll Crest in Mansfield was almost like a glass elevator where the wine bottles were as much decor as they were for consumption.

Easy access to bottles also makes counting how many are left when displayed on the wall like at 1105 Knoll Crest.

Calgon Take Me Away

Do they even make Calgon bubble bath anymore? The final piece to our dream home puzzle is the ultimate bath tub to wash all the virus and quarantine germs away.

The ultimate soaking tub at 1304 Riverview Drive in Arlington

With all sorts of configurations of tubs, it’s going to be hard to pick which one belongs in the Dream Home. Maybe we’ll go with multiple tubs.

A tub with good light and views is essential for the Quarantine Dream Home, as found at 304 Crestwood Drive.

Maybe the tub isn’t your jam, well certainly we will need a nice shower to accompany our tub. It’s very important to have close proximity from one to the other so as not to get the floor too wet or catch a cold in the process.

At 5224 El Campo you get a good soaking tub only few steps from the colorful shower.

2020 Quarantine Dream Home is Complete

Well that completes the 2020 Quarantine Dream Home. If this home were on the market it would certainly sell for hundreds of millions of dollars and house plenty of people to make the quarantine a fun social experiment.

Thanks for reading and playing along. Next week Tarrant County Tuesday will hopefully bring some good news of neighborhoods that continue to see good sales numbers even with social distancing.


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