When it Comes to Electrical, Definitely Don’t DIY

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While you’re sheltering in place, it’s a great time to do some work around the house. But some projects are too dangerous to DIY, and that applies to just about anything to do with electricity. There are so many ways to make a mistake, and electrical mistakes could cause serious injury, fires, or worse.

Here are a few examples we’ve run across where electrical work should have been left to the professionals.

The inspector encountered this dangerous setup and high-tailed it out of there. The wiring could easily touch that metal fence and create a positive connection, which would electrocute anyone who touches that fence.

On the left, you see an electrical panel box with the cover off; on the right, a close-up of the green bonding screw. These are installed in the panel box to provide a safe electrical path to ground helping to prevent shock. Ground screws thread into the box and provide a means of fastening the ground conductor. This one is sitting unconnected with the instructions still intact. (Note the cobwebs if you’re thinking maybe they’re coming back to finish that).

This is an easy fix, but an example of the way that homeowners may become “house blind” and not notice something like this. One strong wind and the power goes out.

Stay safe, and remember when it comes to electricity, call an electrician!


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