Greatest Concentration of Covid-19 Appears to be in Preston Hollow & University Park

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As of Wednesday, March 25, the highest concentrations of confirmed COVID-19 cases were located in University Park’s 75225 zipcode.

What does that mean? First, it means that the novel coronavirus doesn’t care where you live. It does, however, care if you’ve traveled, or if you have gathered in large groups, and if you didn’t wash your hands.

But it’s important to note that, according to a study published in the journal Science, that for every positive coronavirus test, there are approximately five to 10 additional unreported cases. This virus is novel, indeed.

That information isn’t meant to scare you, but is instead meant to make clear why more people need to follow Dallas County’s lead and stay home as much as possible during this shelter-in-place period. You or those in your neighborhood may already have the novel coronavirus and can spread it without showing symptoms.

Realtors Please Play By The Rules

It’s also why North Texas Realtors should follow recommendations against open houses and showings. It may seem relatively harmless for an agent to show an unoccupied home to a single client, but if the client or agent is carrying the coronavirus despite showing zero symptoms, they will pass the virus to the other, and that person will then take the virus home and infect the whole household.

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  1. Stoneshare says

    What it also means is that there are at least 3 nursing homes in 75225 and there are a lot of seniors/most vulnerable in this zip code.

  2. Alex says

    Rich people have ample access to healthcare, which means Preston Hollow and the Park Cities are where a lot of testing is being done. I don’t think there is any higher concentration there in reality.

  3. Secret in the Dirt says

    When I first saw this map a few days back, I had the same thought as Alex: it is probably a function of who has access to testing, in addition to other factors like who has traveled extensively, etc. My limited understanding is, the infection rates are not that different among different age demographics, except that the risk goes higher with age (nursing homes).

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