Building Homes in The Age of Social Distancing Has Its Challenges

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By Phil Crone
Executive Officer, Dallas Builders Association

The last week has been an extraordinary moment for our nation and for the Dallas Builders Association. The battle against this virus is an unprecedented challenge unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime.

The Dallas Builders Association is doing everything in our power to keep the housing industry open for business. This includes working with area jurisdictions to ensure that we are able to continue, with jobsite safety being our utmost priority.

Housing is a Necessity

Along with food and water, housing is a core element of human existence. As such, permitting, inspection, construction, and the transfer of ownership of housing is an inextricable part of our essential infrastructure. 

We are in contact with area jurisdictions and working with them to convey changes in their permitting and inspection operations. Please find the letter we sent to them today.

Like everyone else, local jurisdictions are implementing social distancing practices and limiting gatherings to 10 or fewer people. We implore you to do the same in your workplace and on your job sites. This will change many aspects of our operations, but it will allow us to continue working. We cannot emphasize enough how important this is!  

COVID-19 Resources

Within our COVID-19 response website, linked here, there is a Google Document where you can view the latest updates and make comments if you’d like to supplement the information we have provided. When doing so, please cite the source of your information.   

Our COVID-19 website is our primary resource for keeping you informed. The site also features a list of members who we have identified as potentially being helpful with permitting, inspections, engineering, plan review and other services that jurisdictions may need to look to the private sector for assistance on. Please use the comments section of that document to provide additional information or email us at

Finally, we are in the early stages of organizing a respirator drive in partnership with our friends at the Greater Fort Worth Builders Association. More details on that will be provided via email, our social media pages, and our COVID-19 website. Please do not bring these materials to Association offices. 

Again, here is what we need from you: 

  • Limit your workplace and job sites to 10 individuals or less and adhere strictly to social distancing guidelines. 
  • Know that we are working diligently with area jurisdictions to keep our industry in business. 
  • View and update the aforementioned documents in the comments feature (upper right) or email us at
  • Stay tuned for more information about a respirator drive. 
  • Locate all of the latest information on our COVID-19 website

Today, March 20, at 3 p.m. we will be providing a live video update on our Facebook page. It will be an interactive video where we will field any additional questions or concerns you may have. 

Remember, all Dallas Builders Association events and meetings are postponed or canceled until April 30. The office will be open with limited staffing starting next week. A complete list of impacted meetings and operations is on the COVID-19 website.

We sincerely hope that you and your family stay safe and vigilant through this difficult time. We need your support as Dallas Builders Association members collectively projecting a strong voice for the vital industry we represent. We will get through this together.  

Phil Crone is the executive officer of the Dallas Builders Association, the trade association and network of Dallas builders. Find out more about the DBA at

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