Enough With the Gray: Here are 3 Homes That Are Actually Unique

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Enough with the gray. Here are 3 unique homes.

Do you have the same style in clothing as your neighbor across the street? Probably not and no one expects you to. But why do we insist our homes have the same interior style as everyone else?! Gray walls, gray flooring, quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances. Why is that the standard accepted uniform for homes?

For this week’s Suburb Sunday, we found three homes that eschew today’s home uniform and apply their own sense of style.


Address: 4300 Eaton Circle, Colleyville

4 bedrooms, 4 baths
3,821 square feet

This home is full of surprises, the least of which are the three-story tall leaded glass windows in front. Inside, you’ll definitely feel the Polynesian feel of the home with the bamboo and grasscloth-esque textures. Sure, the lime and turquoise tiki bar in the family room is a bit specific to the homeowner’s individual taste, but there are so many cool elements in this home that you need only pick your very favorite few and work to emphasize those (by de-emphasizing your least favorites.)

See more photos of this Colleyville home on the listing by Randy White of Randy White Real Estate Services.


Address: 1786 Kingswood Drive, Southlake

3 bedrooms, 4 baths
2,343 square feet

The dark woodwork on the walls and ceilings really stands out. Is it everyone’s cup of tea? No, but it doesn’t have to be. For someone who loves and appreciates the almost bamboo-like texture to it, imagine how well the wood would pop against soft, neutral-colored furniture and minimalist wall hangings. Also, take a look at the bathroom. A combo shower and tub considered outdated by home has been updated with distinctive tile and frameless glass to give it a modern look. Lots of potential for a great price in Southlake.

See more photos on the listing by Paul Taylor of Legacy DFW Real Estate.


Address: 1004 Magnolia Drive, Carrollton

4 bedrooms, 3 baths
2,499 square feet

With rich cedar-lined ceilings and walls throughout, this Carrollton home has flashes of greatness. When you first walk in this 1983-built home, you’ll notice three really striking elements right off the bat: the floating staircase, cedar ceilings, and the floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace that has great lighting on it. In the second living area, the cedar comes off the ceiling and onto the walls in the 1980s version of shiplap. Notice, when that oversized entertainment bookcase comes off that wall, you’ll have a gorgeous focal point that’s unique.

See more photos of this home listed by Darby Merriman of Keller Williams.

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  1. Wynne Voorhees says

    Oh, thank goodness someone finally said something. I call it the snow-blind look, which is a nicer version of “the mausoleum look”. Pearl gray and white are not really colors. So, so sick of that.

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