Be The Inspector: Can You Guess What’s Wrong With These Pictures?

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Every week, the detail-oriented folks at Green Scene Home Inspections will give readers an education in inspection. Want to see what they see? Tune in for “Upon Closer Inspection.”

It takes a trained eye to pick up on all the things a home inspector is looking for, but some problems in a home stand out more than others.

Can you tell what’s wrong in these pictures?

Above, the High/Low switch is mislabeled. This wouldn’t actually be flagged on an inspection report, but it just seems wrong, doesn’t it?

How about this one?

This rather medieval-looking door lock can’t be opened from the other side. Which of course is a fire and safety hazard, as well as being more than a little bit creepy.

This one is harder.

That is asbestos pipe insulation. It’s not necessarily a cause for panic. Asbestos is not dangerous unless it’s breaking down. But if you have asbestos on your pipes, you’d want to have a plumber out to check them and determine whether you need to hire an asbestos remediation company to remove them.

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