Bryan Place Neighbors Celebrate the Retirement of Their Beloved UPS Driver

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Bryan Place residents lined the neighborhood with 75 signs for their UPS driver.
Courtesy Photo/Jolene Monaco

For 34 years, Mallory Briggens was a UPS driver in Bryan Place, where he was known far and wide across the neighborhood for the care he took with neighbors’ packages.

On his last day before retirement, Briggens drove into this Old East Dallas neighborhood lined with 75 hand-drawn signs dedicated to him.

Longtime resident Jolene Monaco met Briggens on his neighborhood route in 2001 and they were fast friends ever since.

“I met Mallory when I was first moved into my townhome. I was ordering things and getting artwork,” Monaco said. “Everything was delivered in flat boxes, and he asked about it. That’s how I found out he graduated from Art Institute of Dallas. He ended up getting a job with UPS and just stayed with it.”

Knowing Mallory on his route for nearly 20 years, Jolene said the two learned a lot about one another. They talked about his favorite team, the Yankees, and his toy poodle, and he’d ask about all her dogs and cats.

But the relationship between her and Briggens wasn’t a rare one; he built strong relationships with each of her neighbors, as well.

She said a lot of the residents had his cell phone number, and the homeowner association even invited him to the residential Christmas party in the pool house and gave him a gift tree.

One neighbor shared a story with her about how, when she was getting her chemotherapy drug delivered to her, Briggens would meet her at the door every single time instead of leaving it on the steps.

“Obviously, that was something very valuable, and no one would have any use for it if its stolen,” Monaco said.

Briggens signed the package for his “last delivery ever” on Feb. 14. Courtesy Photo/Courtney Smith

Briggens retired on Valentine’s Day to pursue his clothing line, Fred & Ethyl.

“He definitely had a big impact on the neighborhood, so he’s going to be greatly missed,” Monaco said.

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    congratulations my ups colleague greetings from the emerald isle (ireland) always sad to hear of our long serving colleagues retiring.your the face of wishes on your retirement from ups.
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