Alex Prins Predicts an Epic 2020 For His Business

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Don’t tell Alex Prins that 2020 is anything but a great year. With the number of jobs and people moving to Dallas, he’s predicting big things. In fact, he is so confident in the market’s strength, he recently created a short film titled “So Epic” to highlight what he predicts will be a booming market.

The title is a play on words inspired by The Epic development in Deep Ellum, which will eventually count Uber among its tenants.  Prins expects this to be a big catalyst for development in East Dallas and surrounding areas.

“I don’t know why everyone has been so quiet. I think Uber is going to be one of the biggest things happening in the real estate market,” he said. “It’s going to do a lot for East Dallas and a lot for Bishop Arts.”

Creative marketing has been the key to Prins’ success.  His 2017 his short film “Make a Heart a Home” garnered significant attention on social media. The tribute to his adoptive parents and reflection on the importance of home connected with many people. Prins is quick to admit he is no Martin Scorsese. However, he does enjoy creating films and he believes it’s important for agents to be creative with their marketing in order to stand out.

Recently Prins has turned his attention to some of the neighborhoods near Fair Park.  While much of the area has suffered from decades of neglect, there are now signs of hope. Investors are beginning to put money into some of the area’s historic homes.  While it’s not Lakewood or Bishop Arts yet, the potential is there.

A prime example is his property at 2532 Park Row Ave. Outside he’s worked to restore some of the craftsman style home’s signature features like its wooden windows.  Inside is a combination of traditional elements blended with modern amenities. Prins says he is getting daily calls inquiring about the home, which he believes is just another sign that business is going to be good this year.

“I truly love this city.  I really think Dallas is the best place to live right now,” he said. “We need to get ready for this year.  It’s going to be so epic.”

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