Back To The Future in 2020: Design and Construction Week Is Almost Here!

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One of the Signature Kitchen Suite Kitchens at Design and Construction Week Lifestyled by Suzanne Felber (Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography)

One of the many perks of being a design influencer and writer for is that my mailbox is always full of really cool new products and opportunities to see what’s new and exciting in person. With Design and Construction Week only a week away, we thought this would be the perfect time to revisit what we saw last year and to preview some of the beautiful new designs that we expect to see in 2020.

Over 95,000 attended Design and Construction Week last year. (Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography)

Design and Construction Week started when the building industry came to a screeching halt, and people weren’t attending the conventions as much as they used to. The National Kitchen and Bath Association and the National Association of Homebuilders decided to join together and hold both of their conferences at the same time and place. It was a fantastic idea, and the combined show now hosts almost 100,000 attendees, 2,000 exhibits, and over one million square feet of exhibit space! My feet already to hurt when I think about it.

Last year I was the Lifestylist® for LG Appliances, and Signature Kitchen Suite, and got to stage their stunning booth. It was a crazy amount of work and 24 hour days, but it also gave me a chance to go behind the scenes and see how all of this comes together. This year I decided to focus on understanding what was trending, and what I would see here first. I can’t wait to let you see the best and worst after the show. Plus, there are so many educational opportunities I’ve missed taking advantage of those and visiting the New American Home with fellow NAREE members.

Letting smart appliances take the reins.

Artificial intelligence and smart home technology were one of the most talked-about topics last year and will continue to be a focus this year. Fortunately for many of us, the price of these time-saving appliances has been coming down.


Curtis Stone is one of the celebrity chefs that will be appearing at Design and Construction Week. (Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography)

Thermador launched a new line of products that took advantage of smart appliance technology, and many of its appliances can now be controlled from your iPad or phone. Bosch had celebrity chef Curtis Stone there to tell about their new products. He’ll be doing demos again this year, so I’ll be sure and ask him about Georgie, his new restaurant in Dallas.

The Hestan Cue uses your iPad or phone, and it sends the information to the pan and burner to cook that item at the exact heat. They made us crepes, and it was easy and delicious.
The Ultimate Island by Hestan (Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography)

And for those lucky people with no budgets, they had an island with everything, including the kitchen sink! It’s available in your choice of colors — talk about making a statement!

An eggplant-colored tub —because why not? (Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography)

Color is back, bolder, and brighter than ever.

Karen Eubank’s article about What’s Hot, What’s Not for 2020 stated more than once that white is washed up, and that’s what we hear as well. With the economy being so strong right now, buyers are more willing to take risks with their decorating decisions. And who besides me is tired of Instagram accounts with lots of bleached out looking photos? 

Buyers aren’t interested in just a bath anymore. They expect a spa-like experience with spacious walk-in showers with multiple shower heads, free-standing tubs, and fixtures that are works of art, and floor to ceiling tile or stone. 

Linear drains by LUXE add a luxurious touch to any shower. Photo: LUXE

Linear drains are trending. With more of us concerned about aging in place, curbless showers are gaining popularity. The LUXE Linear drains are clean-lined and create a seamless, contemporary look, and can be located almost anywhere in the shower area.

The Amba Jeeves heated towel rack photo: Amba Products

Nothing feels more luxurious, especially during the winter months, than heated towel racks. Not only are they beautiful and functional, but they are also eco-friendly using the same amount of energy as a few light bulbs. Amba Products offers more than 150 styles in a variety of mounted and free-standing profiles – there’s truly one for every taste!

The Brizo Vettis Faucet is made of concrete and truly a work of art. Photo” Lisa Stewart Photography

Wait until you see the new designer goods that are made with concrete! Brizo debuted Vettis — a single handle lavatory faucet made of concrete in a limited edition of 500 that they describe as “both a force of nature and a work of art.”

Everyone wanted a photo to share of this Brizo concrete faucet. (Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography)

No two will be the same – part of the beauty of working with a material like this. 

Marrazzi concrete styled tiles would add drama to any area Photo: Lisa Stewart Photography

Marrazzi Tile has these gorgeous concrete looking tiles that would make a statement as a backsplash, in a pool house, or in a guest bath. 

The Litokol Starlight Grout makes any tile surface sparkle. (Photo: Tile Doctor)

Add to these, or a basic tile, a refreshing grout, and you have just totally updated the look of any room. Grout is an often overlooked tool that is an easy and cost-effective way to add interest to any tiled space and can make almost any tile look expensive. Litokol Starlike Grout from Tile Doctor is available in a broad spectrum of colors, as well as jeweled and metallic styles. This colorful “designer” grout can elevate ordinary ceramic or glass tilework into unexpected – and visually stunning – designs. While it’s excellent for new tile projects, Starlike Grout can also be applied over existing grout to give a backsplash, tub, or shower surround a whole new look. Recently launched ZHERORisk® grout from Litokol are non-toxic, emit no VOCs, and are safer and healthier for installers, consumers, and the planet.

Now a sneak peek of some products that manufacturers have sent us information on that will be coming to the market soon:

The Plum Wine Preservation System (Photo: Plum.Wine)

This product intrigues me. Wine preservation is something that is a big focus to me, and this unit by Plum seems ideal for the wine lover that wants to savor a bottle for more than a day. Their press release states that “Plum is the first appliance that automatically identifies, chills to the perfect temperature, preserves for 90 days, and serves bottles of wine one glass at a time.” We’ll be the judge of that! I’ll let you know what I think after getting to see it in person.

Natufia’s Kitchen Garden makes it possible to grow lettuce and herbs in your kitchen all year long. (Photo: Natufia)

Natufia’s Kitchen Garden is billed as “the world’s first fully-integrated and automated hydroponic kitchen garden. The ability to grow my own lettuce and herbs all year long? Count me in!

And of course, there are countless tastings with celebrity chefs, awards ceremonies including Design Influencer of the Year that we are nominated for — vote for us here! And miles of products, people and possibilities to check out. Most of the products that are shown won’t be available to the public for a year or more, some never come to market. But we promise after we can try and go through pages of notes, and thousands of photos that we’ll share what we found here.


Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber

Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber is one of those lucky people who truly loves what she does. By helping consumers discover their “inner-stylist”, Felber has helped thousands of homeowners design their own spaces to reflect their personalities and their lifestyles. Felber lives in her own Home Idea Factory - a circa 1942 factory that previously housed a printing company in Oak Cliff. She and her brood of rescue cats and dogs have been busy using the building as the perfect place to try out different ideas and products that she is excited to share here.

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