Did You Forget Your White Elephant Gift?

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white elephantIf ever there was an event designed for Wednesday WTF, it is the office white elephant exchange. I mean, unless someone specifically says, “We’re giving nice gifts this year,” it’s a seasonal opportunity designed for making people open gift bags and say, “Why?”

But maybe you’re stuck. Maybe you forgot. Or maybe you didn’t forget but you’re a planner and well, if you buy this stuff now you won’t have to remember it next December, only maybe you’ll forget which closet you stashed it in and tear the house apart and never find it, buy something else, and then exactly one week and 45 minutes later find it, exactly where you placed it, in December 2019, when you were a more optimistic person.

Maybe. I mean, I don’t know your life.

At any rate, we’ve found a few Wednesday WTF-approved white elephant exchange gifts for the planner or the procrastinator, or anyone in between.

Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence

Have a silent-but-deadly offender in the office? Or maybe someone who, like you, giggles at the thought of flatulence? This book, priced at $10.99, is definitely for your white elephant exchange then. Definitely.

Did we mention this stuff will get more expensive as we go? Because it will. You’re welcome.

Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

Have a lot of cat lovers in your office? Or maybe you just know a lot of cat-adjacent individuals. Anyway, this book is a winner, probably.

Sh** Gardens Book

Thankfully, this isn’t a book about gardens made of excrement. It’s a book about gardens that look like excrement.  It’s based on the Instagram account curated by James Hull and Bede Brennan.

Yodelling Pickle

We can’t explain why you should buy this, but you should. Please buy it.

Bluetooth Gloves That You Can Make That Weirdo Phone Gesture With and Then Actually Talk Into Them

I know. I know. But you know now that we’ve explained these you are going to want them. You can actually hold up your fingers AND USE THEM LIKE A PHONE.

From the seller: “Thanks to the Bluetooth gloves men women, making phone calls in winter is now cozy rather than chilly. The winter gloves for men women contain a microphone on the panel and a loudspeaker on the thumb, which can be connected to all smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth, which is a perfect tech accessory for talking and music listening.”

Get all that?

You. Are. Welcome. I definitely didn’t choose this item just so I could use this gif. Definitely. 

A Shirt For Introverts and Curmudgeons

Same girl. Same.

Mr. Sniffles Egg Separator

white elephantIs there a baker in your office that should never bake again? Turn them off baking entirely, maybe even kitchens, with this disgusting (yet allegedly effective) egg separator.

Fish Slippers

white elephantHave literally no clue what to buy? Try these fish slippers. They come in so many colors! Your toes come out of the fish’s mouth! It’s so something.

The Dude and Walter Taxidermy Mice

white elephantHave a fan of the Big Lebowski in the office? Like them enough to shell out $120? Maybe you have more of a Secret Santa situation and you like who you drew, but also want to creep them out completely.

Then these taxidermy mice fashioned to be The Dude and Walter are perfect. They’re perfect for that. They also have taxidermy Carrie, Batman, Jay and Silent Bob, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Chucky, Jason, and more.

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