When The Things Go Bump in the Night – and Day

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The Wednesday WTF has long been known to bring on the most questionable of homes, but have you ever had a listing where things go bump in the night — even to the point of calling in “spiritual advisers?”


Over at Realtor.com, they’re telling Realtor ghost stories. No, not the kind where the Realtor never calls you back after showing you 25 houses in two days, but the one where Realtors talk about some weird stuff going down in their listings.

Take, for instance, Yawar Charlie, who told Realtor.com a tale about the vengeful ex-wife who was a Wiccan, and apparently put a curse on the house.

“She had put up roadblocks at almost every turn on our way up to the property, and one of them was a curse on the house,” Charlie told Realtor.


Sudden power outages and other crazy stuff continued to happen at the home, so the agent decided that this went beyond staging and professional photography (the house was 15,000 feet and in a gated community in Los Angeles), and decided to outlay a little cash.


“I paid $5,000 to bring in one of my spiritual advisers to cleanse the home,” he recalls, adding that his advisors said they could feel the fights the couple had in the home when they were cleansing it.

And while an ex-wife feelin’ extra cursey might be inconvenient, at least it’s not a whole uh, creepy wedding dress following you around.

Because that’s what happened to Knoxville, Tennessee potential buyer Cassidy Melhorn and his agent found.

Melhorn said he met his Realtor at a property that was built in the late ’40s that seemed to be in good condition, but needed updates.

But then Melhorn, an engineer, noticed that there might be some dead space behind a hallway wall and, thinking it was a fireplace or something, started prying off the paneling.

“Behind the panel was a staircase to a second floor of the house that had been boarded completely shut,” he told Realtor.

The agent didn’t know there was a second floor to the house.

But while that might be unusual or even cool — who wouldn’t like extra house — it was about to get a lot weirder, Melhorn said.

“As we rounded the corner through the kitchen on our way to the dining room, I noticed it,” he says. “Hanging in the middle of the large opening between the dining room and living room was a large silk wedding dress complete with veil, and slightly yellowed from years of aging. The hair on my neck stood straight up as I asked my agent, ‘Was that there when we came through?’”

Neither Melhorn or the agent recalled seeing the dress the first time the passed through the room earlier in the walk-through. It was a bump in the night that happened in the day that definitely ran off both the prospective buyer and the Realtor.

So, anyone else have some great creepy real estate stories? Any crazy Halloween night fodder? C’mon, tell your fellow Wednesday WTF readers.

Want to read the whole story? Click here.

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Adlene Neely Dealey

Adlene has been a real estate writer for the better half of a decade, but only recently came to CandysDirt.com to write our Wednesday WTF column. Have a doozy of a listing not fit for public consumption? She wants to see it.

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  1. FestinaLente says

    We live in a 1920s house, and things I’d originally ascribed to ghosts turned out to be more like touches of incipient Alzheimer… “Was that sweater there before?? OMG!!” Yeah yeah it was, you put it there…

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