Like Rent the Runway for Apartments, Dallas-Based Nickson Is a Game Changer

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The concept behind Nickson Living is so genius, you will wonder why you didn’t think of the idea first.

We know that more and more consumers are embracing rentals — homes, apartments, clothes, rides. Millennials are leading the pack as the generation that orders everything online and wants to actually own as little as possible. They are nomadic, they are mobile, and they are more into experiences than “things.” But you do need a few things to live.

That’s where Nickson Living comes in. The Dallas startup has disrupted apartment living with a subscription furniture model. Like a Rent-The-Runway for homes, Nickson gives consumers the ability to completely furnish an apartment online, so you can move where you want to live and have your home instantly furnished the moment you set foot in the door.

Instead of buying a whole bunch of furniture (and then disposing or frantically trying to sell on local selling apps when you move again), you lease everything from towels to a sofa from Nickson Living, all for a flat monthly fee. You never have to lift a finger or move a single box again.

No, the Furniture is NOT Ugly

First of all, you aren’t stuck with some industrial-type, corporate apartment style that will make you homesick for your parent’s living room. A Nickson interior design team creates a custom design for your specific floor-plan based off your style preferences, all online, of course.

Your furniture, décor, linens, dishes, even flatware, are meticulously selected, delivered, and set up all before you move in.

Nickson’s even got you covered for that first store run with their Starter Kit add-on. They’ll bring the paper towels and toilet paper, cleaning supplies, shampoo, laundry pods, and more. I mean, basically, all you need is a toothbrush!

No More Cardboard Furniture

As a mother, years ago, I helped my children furnish out-of-town apartments for graduate school and a new job.

For my daughter, I rented a truck and filled it with furniture from home and her late grandmother’s house — which I had kept in a costly storage facility just for this purpose — and drove it to her law school. We hated the first apartment, so I actually drove the truck back to Dallas then back to Oklahoma City three days later. To top it all off, we stayed in a hotel until the apartment was together. Cost a lot of cheddar.

Where the heck was Nickson back then?

For my son, first we furnished a single room in a house in the Bay area, then a New York City studio with a $1,200+ IKEA run, not counting the Suburban rental and parking in NYC. We had to get rid of it all and start over when he moved back to the west coast. I don’t even remember what we did with his bed.

Again, where was Nickson?

Nickson provides the convenience of on-demand home furnishings, not just beds, tables and chairs, but every possible thing you will need to function in that apartment: colanders, mixing bowls (you might want to make cookie dough), silverware, pots and pans, wastebaskets, doormats and bath mats, rugs, artwork, throw pillows, decorative items and even a decent coffee maker. Nickson also provides linens that are sterilized and washed at off-site laundries.

No More Leaving It All Behind

And lest you think that most furniture leasing services provide sub-standard, generic, disposable items, think again: the company’s founders believe that higher quality products will hold up better and make for satisfied clients. That’s why every piece of furniture is tested for comfort and cleanliness. That’s why the inventory is stored in a huge, spanking clean, Design District warehouse, organized by row according to item: rugs, decor, kitchen supplies, furnishings.

But the best part of Nickson’s genius is that it gives consumers instant access to furnishings without an ownership investment. This makes the transient life possible but also convenient, while reducing waste from disposable furniture or items that will be left behind.

Not only does it make you comfortable with fluffy pillows and duvets, Nickson includes smart TV’s, Bluetooth wireless speakers, and other options for smart home accessories.

So How Do I Get Started? 

  • Take a style quiz — are you traditional, transitional or modern? A Nickson design team customizes your apartment or home to fit you.
  • Choose your move-in day, make sure your lease is signed, then upload your floor plan. From there, the Nickson team will deliver everything, install all the details, and have your apartment ready to live in by the time you step foot in the door.
  • Let me say that again: you walk into a fully furnished and outfitted, clean apartment. All you need are your clothes and a toothbrush.
  • Your lease is up — moving? Nickson arranges complete pick up.  It’s their stuff, you were just leasing it. Take your clothes and that toothbrush and any personal items, and that’s it.

How much does this cost?

Monthly furnishing plans start at $199 a month. Imagine: you can furnish a whole apartment for the cost of one mattress! For more information, visit Nickson’s website. They were also recently featured on WFAA and you can watch the whole video here.


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