Let’s Taco ‘Bout Whether The World Needs a Taco Bell Hotel

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Taco Bell
Courtesy Taco Bell

So, if you’re not up on your fast-food news, it may indeed be new information when I tell you that Taco Bell opened a Taco Bell Hotel in Palm Springs recently.

“From check-in to check-out, The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort reimagines what a hotel stay can be, unveiling a destination inspired by tacos and fueled by fans,” a press release from the chain said. “Everything from guest rooms to breakfast and poolside cocktails will be infused with a Taco Bell twist, making this the flavor-filled getaway of 2019.”

Courtesy Taco Bell

Sidebar: The last time someone said the phrase “Taco Bell twist” to me, it involved a lot of Imodium and even more Jesus.

Those checking in to The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort were “fully immersed in a taco-lovers dream, including their room decor, complete with custom robes, swag bags and more.”

Sidebar to the sidebar: I’ve been fully immersed in Taco Bell (see above sidebar) and I don’t know if this is something to brag about.

Now, if you’re thinking, “I’ve been in a Taco Bell before, and I am dubious that this would be a popular hotel concept,” you’d be both right and wrong.


Right to be dubious, but wrong about whether or not it would be popular. I believe that would make you rong. Or maybe wright? I don’t know. But you’d be both of whatever.

Because not only did Taco Bell announce it would briefly open a hotel this month, but when it opened up the metaphorical lines for reservations, it filled up really fast.

Courtesy Taco Bell

Fast enough to make people mad.

“DONT (sic) ACT LIKE THIS TYPE OF ADVERTISING IS CUTE. You guys made this big deal about ‘saving the date’ and it just so happened to be sold out in the first .5 seconds…but alas, it’s only influencers there. Not one person I know was able to get reservations,” said one person on Instagram.

“Is the hotel going to open up for non-influencers? It’s pretty crazy that you sold out in like 30 seconds….and these are all ‘well known’ people in all the videos/pictures,” another said.

“Yeah I’m feeling the FOMO because by the time my boyfriend and i hit the “book” button on your website to confirm our payment the minute your site opened for reservations y’all had given our spot away  poor coding!! if we were already on the page to confirm the payment it makes no sense why our spot shouldn’t have been held. still angry about it,” someone else ranted.

I wished I loved any restaurant as much as these people love Taco Bell. I still don’t understand this concept, but I’m probably elderly now and get off my lawn.

At any rate, did you try to get into the Taco Bell Hotel? Would you try to get into the Taco Bell Hotel? Do you love Taco Bell? Will our SEO be through the roof today thanks to tacos?

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  1. LonestarBabs says

    Any photos of the bathroom accommodations? Because, well…important if you’re going to be spending any time there. And we know you will.

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