This Is Nacho Doorknob, Taco Bell Allegedly Tells Customer

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Taco Bell

So, I know this is a real estate publication, but hear me out, because I am pretty sure this week’s Wednesday WTF still counts as real estate related because we all have made a run to the border to heed the siren call of Taco Bell.

It’s quick, easy to find, and when you have exactly 15 minutes at best for lunch, need some wifi too, and don’t mind spending some time in a restroom later, it’s the thing to do.

So pause before you get jalapeno up in my face about the subject matter. Also, it’s about doorknobs, and all these houses have them. So there, boom, two ways it’s connected to real estate.

Also, I had a very scientific Twitter poll about what I would pick as my subject for this week’s column, and this won. By a lot. This won by a lot.

At any rate, meet Eve. Eve went to Taco Bell for some delicious nachos, and got a free with purchase. I will quote her, but I will switch the expletives with the word “puppy.”

“Taco Bell I’m coming to puppy someone up real funny putting a puppying doorknob in my nachos puppy,” Eve Saint of Fishkill, New York, wrote.

Straight from Eve Saint’s Facebook.

She was angry. I mean, it was like the universe was saying, “Eve, this is nacho day.”

One of her friends questioned uh, the veracity of her claim, to which she replied, “I wish this puppy was fake im hungry and waited in the drive through for 45 mins and im the only one who got a door knob.”

Another friend asked how that was possible.

“im so heated cuz i thought it was chicken real quick like wtf,” Saint replied. I have so many questions about the kind of chicken Ms. Saint has been eating.

Saint said she called the Taco Bell location that gifted her with a meat-covered doorknob of indeterminate vintage, and that the person on the other end said, “‘thats impossible’ and hung up on me then i called back lol they didn’t even answer till i called 10 times.”

After some back and forth, Saint says that someone at the location apologized and offered her free food, but she uh, demurred. She also found out it wasn’t a doorknob, but a handle to a nacho cheese dispenser.

At any rate, Taco Bell corporate is allegedly investigating Saint’s complaint.

Have you ever found anything uh, additional, in your food? Were you traumatized for life? Was it a doorknob? Let us know in the comments.

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