Sam Saladino Says Briggs-Freeman Sotheby’s Fits Him Best

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Sam Saladino is on the move.  In July, the popular Dallas agent joined Briggs-Freeman Sotheby’s International.

“I had a positive experience at Keller Williams with a good management team and training support,” he said. “Ultimately though it was time for me to return to a heritage brand.”

Saladino believes his experience and connections within the luxury world make him an ideal fit for the Sotheby’s. Formerly a star salesperson at Neiman Marcus, the experience taught him the value of customer service. It’s a skill he believes is even more important today as many clients simply don’t have time to visualize and execute the preparation required to sell their home. Saladino takes pride in getting homes ready for the market and being frank and creative with his expertise. When the furniture needs to be moved or the rugs needs to be vacuumed, he’s ready to roll up his sleeves and get the job done.

“I provide concierge service, and these are all services that a good Realtor should be doing in this market,” he said. “I’m certainly not the only Realtor doing this but I do have my own point of view and a serious work ethic.”

The desire to make people feel empowered motivates Saladino to do his job well. He is passionate about art, architecture, design, and the culture of Dallas. The development around his Kessler Park home continues to inspire him and he marvels at just how far the area has come over the past two decades. He’s also relished the opportunity serving as a cultural and social ambassador for the city, opening doors for clients and their friends and families. Sam’s personal and professional contacts provide an intimate guide to his clients living their best life in Dallas.

“The great thing about selling real estate in Dallas is that every day and every scenario creates a challenge that hopefully makes you stronger for it and better at it,” he said.

Outside of work, Saladino quietly supports the arts, children’s causes and neighborhood development issues. He is a member of the Dallas Architecture Forum and has become involved with the Cristo Rey School that provides educational opportunities to those students in the community with limited financial resources. Their motto “Transforming urban America one student at a time,” has become a clarion call.

As for his new brokerage, Saladino is excited to be on the threshold of Brigg’s Freeman Sotheby’s merge of the Uptown and landmark Lover’s Lane office to their new Turtle Creek offices and looks forward to the collaborative opportunities it’s certain to create.

“I think this will be really good for me,” he said. “There is always plenty to learn as you continue to evolve.”

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