Interior Designer Kim Armstrong Can Set Your Space Straight in One Day

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Do your interiors need a nudge in the right direction? Kim Armstrong has a one-day solution for you. (Photo: Deanna Boyd)

Award-winning interior designer Kim Armstrong recently launched Day of Design, and it’s a really genius way to fluff up your space.

Let’s say you just need a lil’ help, not a full-on hand-hold, just more of a nudge in the right direction. Day of Design is the perfect solution.

Bedroom Concept Board, Kim Armstrong

You set up a consultation call with Kim and basically give her the lowdown on what you’re looking for. Then you create a Pinterest board filled with your actual room, your inspiration rooms, styles you like, furniture and fixtures you love, wallpaper if you dare, paint swatches, fabrics, etc.

Bedroom Design: Kim Armstrong, Photo: Micheal Hunter

Armstrong takes a look, takes it all in, then sets up the official Day of Design. She comes to your house and for one day only, she’s all yours. Armstrong said the No. 1 goal is to create the space of your dreams – in style and function. She brings her computer, has files saved, and can launch AutoCAD at a moment’s notice to digitally rearrange furniture so you can save the back braces for another day.

Kitchen Before

Armstrong will not only build you a concept board with the pieces and arrangement you discussed, but she’ll also follow up with links to actual items you selected that day. Of course, she relies on the stores we all know and love, but Armstrong has some local favorites, too, like Anteks, Scout Design Studio, and Anthropologie. Okay, the last one’s not local, but it’s too good not to mention.

Kitchen After (Photo: Michael Hunter)

Internet access makes everything easier and throughout the Day of Design, you can literally pick things on the spot and get her opinion. On those rare occasions when the perfect piece eludes you, Armstrong will give you specific guidelines on what to look for. Like a brass and glass oval coffee table that’s 48 inches long by 30 inches wide. Detailed and amazing.

Photo: Michael Hunter

Again, Armstrong stays on task, but she said once the room is complete if there’s leftover time, she will absolutely offer tips and advice on other rooms.

It’s like a quick hit of style with a price tag to match. One look at her portfolio and you know Armstrong is legit.

When it comes to her own style, she describes it as “complex.” She leans “traditional with a modern twist,” “a little bohemian,” and she “loves florals and gorgeous textiles.” Fabrics are to Armstrong what blush and bashful were to our dear sweet Shelby. They’re her signature. Big, bold, and beautiful, she knows how to weave them into a room in an effortless way. For textiles, she loves to shop her textile go-to’s, such as Schumacher, Designers Guild, and Quadrille.

Photo: Michael Hunter

If you’re interested in sprucing up your space, reach out to Kim Armstrong and set something up. Seriously, there’s no reason to struggle through a clunky space.

ADDED BONUS: Realtors, think about this – when you or your clients move into a new home and that furniture just isn’t fitting, call Kim. What if she can save the day and the sectional?

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