Watch JoJo and Jordan Dress Up Tired Real Estate in Cash Pad

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Photo Credit: CNBC

If you’ve been wishing and hoping and dreaming for an all new reno show with a different Jo and maybe a Jordan, too, your flippin’ dreams are coming true.

The Bachelorette’s JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers aren’t set to star, they’re already starring on CNBC’s Cash Pad where they travel the country and turn unused crash pads into – say it with us in a game show announcer voice – CASH PADS.

Photo Credit: joelle_fletcher Instagram

Here’s how it works. Take your tired, your dilapidated, your sad, sad spaces and let JoJo and Jordan work their magic. In each one hour episode – and there are eight so grab a pint of Blue Bell or Maker’s Mark, bingers choice – the couple meets with the owner, outlines their plans, dangles that carrot (rental income), and gets to work. And twisters! They do a large portion of the work themselves.

Fletcher and Rodgers take on an airstream, a shipping container, what appears to be an abandoned storage facility and more as they show you what’s capable with a little creativity and a substantial chunk of capital.

Photo Credit: CNBC via House Beautiful

BUT, as they explain, there’s potential for a lot of future income. Especially when we’re all freaking out, putting our hotel remotes in Ziploc bags and wearing socks to bed. Personal rental properties just seem like a cleaner, safer alternative. And honestly, how many different ways can you pack the Clorox Wipes?

Fletcher and Rodgers have been flipping for years and recently even showcased their little Dallas stunner on their other TV show, Engaged with JoJo and Jordan on KIN Network. They’re a fun couple with fun ideas and unlimited imagination when it comes to hiding a hot water heater.

They typically stay on trend but do it with their own spin. Their M Streets bungalow has shiplap walls, but they went with a wider plank to mix it up a bit.

If you’re looking for ideas for your own home, are obsessed with home design or fascinated with people that do major labor with full makeup, check it out. There are some seriously great “afters” that you won’t wanna miss.

Cash Pad premieres Tuesday, July 23, at 9 p.m. on CNBC. 

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