Banda Group Bolts to Clay Stapp+ Co.

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Bucking the trend of many agents these days, sisters Mabel and Belinda Banda recently left Compass Real Estate to join Clay Stapp+ Co.  They made the move in late June.

“I started off in a smaller brokerage and then went to more of a corporate setting,” Mabel Banda said. “I just realized that a boutique that really highlights Dallas, and is prominent only is Dallas, is really the best for me.”

Mabel describes herself and her sister as “Texans to the max.” The two of them were born and raised in Dallas, and have marveled at how the city has grown during their lifetimes. Mabel has been professionally involved in real estate for nearly six years.  She’d previously worked as an account executive for AT&T’s national business market, but ultimately decided that real estate would provide more opportunities for her.

Belinda, Mabel’s older sister, teamed up with her earlier this year.  Belinda had been focusing on raising her three children before deciding it was time to branch out. According to Mabel, the two of them have had a great time working together so far.

“We know each other like the back of our hands on a personal level and a friendship level, but never on a business level,” she said. “We are learning more about each other now. It’s nice to be able to work with someone I fully trust.”

One of Mabel’s most exciting current projects is the 74-unit Amour Vallée development in West Dallas just south of Love Field Airport. She serves as the sole agent for the 74-unit project that the developer envisioned as a way to bring more affordable housing to the heart of the city. The homes are all two- or three-bedroom residences priced in the $300,000 to $350,000 range.  Every one of the finished homes has already been sold

“We are definitely transitioning and changing the area there,” she said. “It’s exciting to watch and exciting to see the young professionals who want to start out here with something great.”

The sisters are working together under the Banda Residential Group umbrella.  Joining them on many outings is their team mascot, a corgi named Penny.  Mabel says she brings fun and personality everywhere she goes.

“We have a team, so why not have a little mascot that goes around with us? It’s fun,” she said.

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