The One Where We Go Back to Australia For Obvious Reasons

Yes, yes, it looks normal. Act like you’ve been here before and keep reading.

So I want to say right away that we like Australia, as a concept. And as a country, it seems to have some pretty adventurous Realtors. But much like the U.S. Australia also has its share (apparently) of listings that are um, normal on the outside, and well, different on the inside.

And listen, we’ve already shown you an Aussie listing where you can watch your beloved take a poop while you (not a euphemism) chop broccoli in the kitchen.

But this listing in the Melbourne suburb of Coolaroo, it is just …

This unique family home will definitely leave you speechless,” the listing says.

Yep, still normal.

That may be an understatement. I mean, this is the Wednesday WTF, so you know there’s going to be some speechlessness going on here. It’s why the six-pound, three-ounce baby Jesus invented gifs.

So if you’re ready for this magical three-bedroom, one-bathroom house, without further ado, I give you:




So … yeah. Where to start? What do we say? Do we start in one of the bedrooms? Or that living area? That’s um, something, right?

Australian media site found a real treasure trove of Twitter reaction, too.

“Geezus. It’s like a brothel and Barbie’s dream house went halves on a bastard,” one Twitter user quipped, while another said: “Holy opulent living rooms Batman, that is a lot of red!”

“Holy sh*t that’s magnificent. I’m so proud of my home country,” another commented, while another wrote: “This is hilarious. It’s like the inside of Jeanie’s bottle in I dream of Jeanie.”

What do you think? Is it the very definition of taste-specific, or is it quirky and lovable? Want to see more photos? Click here. And sound off in the comments, of course.