Dave Perry-Miller Was Back in Dallas Talking Real Estate



A very familiar face in Dallas, an icon of residential Dallas real estate, buzzed back into town before March blew away to check out his properties here, including the company with his name on the door, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate. 

Then, for a couple of hours, he spoke with a small group of advisory board agents and his own team at the Luther Lane office, providing Dave’s view on the Dallas residential scene on both the sales and business side: a macro view of the market. And he’s coming back again, to teach some classes to DPM agents. This man really LOVES, KNOWS, and OWNS houses! No wonder he set so many records SELLING them!  

I caught up with Dave just as he was leaving town…

CandysDirt.com: So Dave, how did Dallas look to you? It’s been what, six months since you were here last?

Dave Perry-Miller: Dallas looks great, but there sure is a lot more traffic! And what are they doing to the streets?

CD: Fixing them.

DOM: ‘Bout time!

CD: How are your houses? Taking up all your time?

Photo: Stephen Barling

DPM: Yes! My 1810 log house Briar Hill Farm was on the cover of Charlottesville Magazine last September! My house in Tucson, “Puertas Verdes”, was on the American Horticultural Society Presidents Council Tour.

CD: Whoa!

DPM: And my estate in Staunton, Virginia – Waverley Hill – is on the front cover … along with Tucker … of the Virginia Historic Garden Week Tour catalog!

CD: You and Tucker have BOTH been busy home consumers! No wonder we haven’t seen that much of you in Big D.

DPM: They keep us busy, but happily so.

CD: So are we going to be seeing more of you in Dallas?

DPM: As a matter of fact, you will be! I have always loved Dallas and considered it home. 

CD: Well, one of them!