We Want You … To Maybe Tell Us Where the Front Door Is

Front door

There are 28 photos of this house and none of them show how to get in it.

We love reader submissions for the Wednesday WTF. I’ll be honest — sometimes the weirdness seems like it might not arrive by Tuesday night, and I sweat a bit. But today, someone sent us a listing that has 28 pictures of a condo, with no pictures of a front door, but plenty of uh, you’ll see.

In the real estate world, there is a certain phrase most Realtors advise their sellers to absorb: taste specific. As in, “Holy cow nobody will like these severed baby doll head planters so maybe you should relocate them to an understanding friends house,” might be considered insulting, but “Maybe the planters are a bit taste-specific for many buyers,” is a nice, gentle way to fix the problem.

front door

However, that is not this listing. This listing has 28 pictures, but none of how you get in. Maybe you teleport in. Maybe the puppy is a portal. You do, however, get several photos of uh, this. 

And uh, this.

What, you don’t like what appears to be a paper mache cockeyed Uncle Sam? You don’t need a totem pole of lady misshapen lady heads?

What about some old people grinning at you on your patio?

Still a hard no?

Listen, I, like you (probably) have questions. Like, why did the Realtor show five photos of the same room but none of the front door? Why is the one exterior elevation mostly of trees? Why just a lot?

At any rate, if you want to live in Laguna Woods, California, and you can picture yourself in this space without the uh, art, you can check out the rest of the photos here.