Swathy Prithivi to Head DFW Operations for Opendoor



Swathy Prithivi has been tabbed to lead the Dallas-Fort Worth operations for Opendoor.  In 2017, she joined the company and helped lead its Orlando expansion. She was later promoted to general manager there

“I joined Opendoor because I really believe in what the company is based on, which is empowering everyone with the freedom to move,” Prithivi said. “It’s very exciting because it’s a customer-based company that’s poised to make big changes in one of the most unchanged industries.”

Opendoor was founded in the Bay Area nearly five years ago.  It’s known for its online platform on which homeowners can quickly sell their homes and search for new ones. The company expanded to Dallas in 2015, and now has a presence in 20 different markets, including Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.  It will begin operations in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. this spring and plans to expand to 50 markets by 2020.

More than 120 people now work for Opendoor in Dallas-Fort Worth. The company currently boasts around 400 home listings.

“When there was an opportunity to come and manage this fast-growing team and work on strategies to expand Opendoor’s impact in Dallas-Fort Worth, it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down,” Prithivi said.

According to her, Opendoor averages about a 2.5 percent total market share in Dallas, and 10 percent of the market for their target price and geographic area. She says the company has infused approximately $56 million into the Dallas economy through its work with local contractors and tradespeople. Agents who have partnered with Opendoor in North Texas have also reportedly earned over $21 million in commissions.

“As we look to the next couple of months and years, the goal is to be able to grow that by focusing on customers,” Prithivi said. “We believe that what sets us apart is delivering the best experience for home buyers and sellers by providing accurate evaluations at the lowest cost.”

Before coming to Opendoor, Prithivi spent nearly six years working for Uber. When she started, the company only had about 100 employees.  She wore many hats during her tenure including running San Francisco operations and helping the company expand to India, Israel, and Poland. She was also instrumental in the rollout of Uber Eats. Prithivi sees many similarities between the two companies.

“One of the things that attracted me to Uber and Opendoor was how they took what can be a frustrating experience and brought simplicity in a tech friendly, tech forward way,” she said. “Both companies are obsessed with the customer and making sure their experience is stress-free and hassle-free.”

As for her latest role, Prithivi plans to build upon Opendoor’s local success to increase its market share. She believes that as more people learn about the company, they will see that it offers many benefits for both consumer and agents alike. Prithivi has found a place to live and is enjoying Dallas so far.

“I’ve always wanted to say, ‘you don’t mess with Texas,’ and I’m very glad that I can proudly say that as a Texas resident now,” she said.

Prithivi will also be a panelist on Thursday’s Disruption in Real Estate lunch discussion presented by the Dallas Builder’s Association.