When Should You Start Planning Your Landscape Projects? Harold Leidner Answers

When should you start making your dream pool a reality? We asked the expert, Harold Leidner of Harold Leidner Landscape Architects, for the answer to this question and more. (Rendering courtesy of Harold Leidner Landscape Architects)

Texans love to spend time outdoors, especially in their gardens and backyards. But what if you want to make your landscape even more attractive for spring and summer entertaining, or even those late fall nights that get dark early? When do you start planning your new pool, spring plantings, or landscape lighting projects?

In our Facebook group, Getting The Dirt, we queried our readers about what design projects they want to start planning. Then we asked the expert, Harold Leidner, founder of his eponymous firm, when we should plan to turn our dream pool, flower beds, and patios into a reality. Of course, the professionals at Dallas’ leading landscape design and installation company, Harold Leidner Landscape Architects, can make sure your backyard is ready for every season, no matter the project.

Find out when to get cracking on your landscape project now:

What do homeowners need to do if they want to add a new garden bed for spring? When should they start?  

Harold Leidner: Typically there is no bad time to plant as long as the proper precautions are taken.  If planting bulbs for spring, get started now!  If planting seasonal color for spring, hold off until March or April.  If planting in the heat of summer, make sure the irrigation system is 100% operational and check it regularly.  If planting in the dead of winter, the same applies.  Transplanting is best done in cooler temperatures or if the plants in question are dormant.  If all general guidelines are followed, you will find yourself on the positive side of the success rate.  If for whatever reason, your plant material is exhibiting stress, know that 9 times out of 10 it is water related; too much or too little.

If you want a summer outdoor entertaining area, when should you start the process?  

Harold Leidner: This depends on the size of the space and the elements desired.  Regardless of this, you can never start the planning process too early (unless you are still in process of buying the house).  Planning in winter allows a fast start in spring and increases your ability to finish the project in time to enjoy for summer.

Pool installation is a process, and thorough planning can ensure your backyard is ready come the summer doldrums. (Photo: Harold Leidner Landscape Architects)

When planning to install a pool, what’s a good time to start planning if you want it finished before the summer heat sets in?  

Harold Leidner: A great rule of thumb is to start the planning process when you want to use it.  If you start the planning process in summer or fall, you can utilize the winter months for construction while you are not outside as much.  By the time the following summer rolls around, you will be ready to swim.

When should you start planning a landscape lighting project, and how long, on average, do they take?  

Harold Leidner: This again depends on the complexity and if it is high or low voltage.  High voltage projects require city inspections, which increase the time to complete. Low voltage projects do not have the same requirements and go much faster. Based on your needs and expectations, we will do what is right for you.