Big, Bold Wallpaper In, Pinterest 100 for 2019 Reveals

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PinterestAlthough Houzz and other options for curating ideas for decorating and designing a home exist, Pinterest, the granddaddy (albeit a youthful one) is still the go-to for many when it comes to cataloging inspiration.

So for the fifth year in a row, the social media platform has released its Pinterest 100 — a data-driven collection reflecting what is being pinned, divided into categories.

“Pinterest is its own positive corner of the internet, where more than 250 million people around the world come to discover new ideas to try,” the company said in an explainer for the list. “The way we know an idea is trending is by looking at what all those people are searching for.”

“If an idea keeps getting more and more searches each month? And that upward trajectory holds steady for 6+ months? That’s how we know it’s a trend.”

The list is curated by categories — Travel, Health and Wellness, Hobbies and Interests, Celebrations, Food, Home, Men’s Style, Women’s Style, Beauty, and Kids and Parenting. You can see the entire board here, and an entire downloadable report with more details here.

Since we know our readers are interested in all things home trends, we took a look at that category.

“People use Pinterest to get their houses feeling more like home,” the company said. “Homebodies come looking for everything from day-to-day DIY projects (83 percent of home searches) to remodels, landscaping and other monumental undertakings (60 percent).”

Some of the notable trends:

Fireplaces — inside and out — are being sought out, especially contemporary fireplaces, which have seen a 763 percent increase in searches (you can click on each image to open up the appropriate pin).

Bold yellow, whether on an entire wall or in accents, is a go-to shade. Searches for mustard yellow are up 45 percent.

Searches for painted floor tiles are up 1,276 percent, as people look for alternatives to just ripping up tile or parquet they hate.People don’t mind a bold wallpaper — in fact, they want a bright bold print or a tropical print, it seems, as searches for bold print wallpaper are up 401 percent. 

Also in? Rustic touches of tin — from tinspired (get it?) wallpaper to backsplashes, searches for tin interiors were up 563 percent.

If you’re looking to paint, geometric shapes are also an option, and searches for ideas for that are up 225 percent. 

And for renters who can’t exactly jump and paint a wall yellow or wallpaper a room, the fact that people are looking for temporary pops of interest on their walls in the form of textile art is also helpful — searches for textile art are up 1,718 percent. Succulents and cacti were also heavily searched for — searches for cactus arrangements were up 235 percent. And why not? Easy to care for, easy to arrange in pleasing compositions, succulent and cactus arrangements are a low-fuss, no-muss decorating option. 

Feel you have a bit more green thumb to flex? Searches for vertical gardens were up 287 percent, as people looked for space-saving (and pretty) ways to bring more greenery into their spaces.

Thinking of a pool? Not in love with the smell of chlorine? You are apparently not alone — searches for natural swimming pools are up 262 percent. 

So what do you think? What trends are you interested in? What have you adopted? Brave enough for a bold wallpaper, or are you more of a bold accent pieces type person?

Let us know, and share your Pinterest boards with us!

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