Bettie Abio and Celeste Williams Join Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

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Real estate legends Bettie Abio and Celeste Williams have joined the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate team.

“We are so honored to have two icons of real estate join our office,” office manager Jaime Adler said. “They bring so much knowledge and experience to our growing team.”

As Candy once noted, Abio has been in the business long enough to know not only where the bodies are buried, but also who dug the graves. Williams’ experience also spans decades. When the two of them were ready to make a move, they reached out to a friend on the Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate team.  From there, a deal came together quickly.

Among the factors Abio cited for making the change were the opportunity to continue working in their preferred market and the chance to work with Adler, who Abio described as a “breath of fresh air.”

“We’ve both been in the business a really long time,” Abio said. “We know a lot of people in this Dave Perry-Miller office, and have respected them forever. It feels like the perfect fit for us.”

Abio and Williams have known each other for ages. They have been formal partners for more than five years now. It’s a relationship that they both describe as the perfect partnership.

“We just work hard to please our customers and clients and have a lot of fun,” Abio said. “We are looking forward to a great new year.”

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