Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at Ebby Halliday? A Real Cute Blast From the Past…

Betty Misko, Mary Frances Burleson, Bettie Abio & Ginger Gill

Comes word that Bettie Abio has joined the Preston Center Office of Ebby Halliday as a sales associate. Not only is Bettie an accomplished and respected veteran of North Texas real estate, she knows where just about all the bodies are buried in this biz and who dug the graves. I recall interviewing her when she had her own brokerage firm on West Lovers Lane circa 2007. And you may recall a high end firm years ago called Abio, Adleta and Poston that became Adleta and Poston that became Poston and then was never heard of again. Precious Linda Adleta, is truly one of the most beautiful women I have ever met, and we miss her DEARLY.

But Bettie is back!

“Bettie brings a depth of knowledge and experience that will be invaluable to our Preston Center Office,” says Mary Frances Burleson, president and chief executive officer of the Ebby Halliday Companies. “She is one of the most-accomplished professionals in the North Texas real estate industry and we are delighted to welcome her to the Ebby Halliday Family of Companies.”

One thing I recall from our interview: Bettie told me she becomes bored easily. She reads two or three books at the same time. She likes to venture out, try new things, like her new alliance with Ebby.

“It’s a great privilege to join Ebby Halliday, a firm I have long respected,” Abio said to the Ebby Halliday bloggers.  “For me, it’s all about the people. Ebby is a team of professional people who have a heart for service and a great vision for the future.”

Stay very tuned for a personal interview with Bettie!

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