Rachel Trowbridge is Excited to Join The Allie Beth Allman Team

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Rachel Trowbridge with her husband, Chris. (Photo: Courtesy of BubbleLife.com)

Rachel Trowbridge recently moved to Allie Beth Allman & Associates after five years with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate.

“I was very happy at Dave Perry-Miller,” Trowbridge said. “It’s a great place but there were a few reasons that made me decide to move.”

Among the factors she cited were the hands-on involvement of Allie Beth and Pierce Allman in both their business and the community.  She was also impressed with the low turnover rate of agents and their ability to network and sell high-end products.

“To be in house with those agents now is just great,” Trowbridge said. “I can learn from them.  It’s exciting to be with high producers that help push you ahead.”

Rachel Trowbridge

Trowbridge is a fourth-generation Dallasite with strong ties to the Park Cities. When she finished college she wanted a career in real estate, but shied away due to the commission-based structure of the business. Instead, she went to work for the law firm of Locke Lorde LLP where she was responsible for marketing and client development.

“I think that was a great setup to getting into real estate as far a meeting client expectations and having attention to detail,” she said.

When she was finally ready to make real estate a career she wanted to work with someone would serve as a mentor. Carole Hoffman had helped Trowbridge’s husband find his first home and later helped other family members.  She knew that was who she wanted to model her career after.

“I really admired Carole and the work ethic and success she had,” Trowbridge said. “I went to Dave Perry-Miller so that she and I could work together.”

Trowbridge remains passionate about her lifelong hometown. She meets lot of people through school activities involving her three daughters. She’s also active in several charitable and civic organizations including the Boys & Girls Club and Thanksgiving Square.

“We really have a strong commitment just because of my roots here,” Trowbridge said. “It’s been really interesting to see how Dallas has grown. It has great quality of life and family life.”

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