Saturday Surprise: Two Homes in the Two Hundreds, Freshly Listed

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Two HundredSo, here’s the deal — sometimes we have an embarrassment of riches, and we find a whole slew of one price point, which is what happened this week – too many two hundreds, all awesome, and not enough Tuesday.

So what’s a writer to do? Well, she takes those surplus two hundreds and showcases the other two she really wanted to show you but you know, it’s the Tuesday Two Hundred, and not the Tuesday Two Hundred Listings of Two Hundreds.

Got that? Good. Buckle up.

Our first house is lilliputian. I say that because lilliputian is an adorable way to say tiny and this house is both tiny and adorable. And we can say it’s tiny because the Realtor, Britt Lopez with Dallas City Center Realtors said it first.


“I have a teeny cute little house that just hit MLS today,” she said. See? Teeny.

And 4522 Junius St., which was built in 1923, probably has some interesting backstory, too.

“It sits on a super tiny lot that we believe was at some point part of the property to one of the homes next door,” Lopez told us. “It’s like a little slice of land with a small home on it.”

It’s been recently renovated and is close to loads of cool things like downtown, Deep Ellum, Lakewood, and more.

The bathroom and kitchen were gutted and are pretty much brand spanking new. That kitchen comes with all new appliances (including the fridge), which are included in the sale. It also comes with a washer and dryer.

How tiny are we talking? Well, the two-bedroom, one bath home is a cozy 913 square feet. But Lopez said that the second bedroom could become an additional living room, and the fenced-in backyard also gives plenty of entertaining space, too.

Don’t think you want to live in a teeny house? How do you feel about investment property?

“My client bought is as a rental and has had high demand for it for a few years as a rental,” Lopez said.

The home is priced at $225,000.

Our second house is definitely bigger, but not big enough for Patrick Melton with Mersal Realty, who is selling his house at 5022 Menefee Dr. because well, his family has run out of room.

“The home belongs to my wife and me,” Melton said. “We LOVE it but with a growing family, need to find a larger space.”

The three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath home could actually be a four bedroom, Melton said.

“It’s a three bedroom but has a flex room that could be an office,” he told us. “We are currently using it as the baby room.”

And did we mention this 1967 Midcentury Modern Buckner Terrace home has had some great (and family-friendly, natch) updates?

Take that open concept floor plan — not only is it great for entertaining flow, but it’s also great for stirring say, spaghetti sauce while making sure a toddler doesn’t feed her Goldfish crackers to the DVD player, or that the kindergartener doesn’t give himself a haircut.

See? Open concept is not just a floor plan, it’s a state of mind.

The kitchen, though — stainless steel appliances, built-in wine cooler (family friendly in ways you only know if you’ve ever Googled “remove bead from nostril,” but yes, also entertaining friendly, too), and a large island with a cooktop and hood. It also has a marble backsplash and granite counters.

The entire house has laminate wood flooring, and the update took pains to include designer interior paint and designer light fixtures.

The master suite is spacious, and a barn door slider leads to a remodeled bathroom as well, with new designer tile work in the shower. In fact, all the bathrooms have been remodeled, and all the bedrooms have walk-in closets.

And outside a great deck, as well as a pergola, create even more entertaining space.

The home is listed for $295,000.

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