Nice Halloween Treat From the Folks at Apartment Fit — Two Months Free Rent at Victory Place

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When Allie Beth Allman agent Erin Seeds first moved back to Dallas, she did what everyone usually does: went apartment hunting. Few people are ready to plunk down a down payment and buy a home when they first move to town, even if they have family here.

“It was a disaster,” says Erin. “All I wanted was to find a reasonably priced apartment that was good for me and my two dogs. I quickly learned that the apartment search process was so broken.”

The information she needed wasn’t available. Many good-looking apartment sites provided ratings, but those ratings were skewed, random, and not very actionable. There were no objective quality standards.

There is no MLS for apartment property search, no giant Zillow for rentals. Well, not yet. There are agents who specialize in apartment search, collecting an average of one month’s rent as commission: extra developer perks might be tempting. And when it comes to searching for amenities, most apartment search platforms come right from the landlord: not exactly what we would call objective, right?

“No one was concerned with quality or fit for the consumer,” says Erin. “It was all about the agent.”

So Erin quit her job, toured more than 400 apartment properties, and learned a lot about the apartment biz. She went to work on her computer and created Apartment Fit to help renters find their fit.

“I found that so many quality apartments were not even listed online simply because they were not paying for exposure,” says Erin, “on the ‘pay-for-exposure ‘websites.”

She wanted a “consumer reports” model. True pet friendliness? Well, is there a dog park? Quality of the fitness center -— do the treadmills really work? How about pool & outdoor amenities? Closet space? Washer and dryers? Decent kitchens? Appliances?  How about the square footage of the actual unit not counting the fluff of the balcony?

This is where the folks at Apartment Fit are like a breath of fresh air for rental consumers.  Apartment Fit is a free apartment locating service totally different from any other apartment locating company you may have experienced. Apartment Fit is more like a dating service for finding YOUR perfect apartment. Unlike other apartment locators, Apartment Fit optimizes search based on which amenities are most important to the tenant’s search criteria, not the ones paying highest commissions to the agents. Search results are tailor-made for the renter. Just like a matchmaking site, AF crunches data quickly and efficiently, leaving you with the most attractive results.

How do they do it? Data! Apartment Fit does extensive research on each Dallas area apartment property with rigorously graded amenities using an unbiased scoring model. For example, Apartment Fit grades an apartment’s pool and outdoor amenities score based on a checklist that includes more than 20 different factors including the size of the pool and the ratio of renters to lounge chairs. They even know how deep the pool is in case you want to dive in! And of course they track the best HALLOWEEN PARTIES!

And apartments change, so they update their database of 400 luxury buildings constantly.

As a special Halloween treat, Apartment Fit is offering a sweet deal at Victory Place: Two months FREE rent when you lease now, plus two extra free weeks. There is also one hour of free moving expenses when you list Erin Seeds/Apartment Fit with Allie Beth Allman as the referral source on the apartment property guest card and lease application. (Subject to unit availability. Deals are based on a 16-month lease term.)


Contact Apartment Fit to get connected with an agent and snag this great deal! (469) 782-7888 | |


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