This House in Scotland Is Definitely Not the Bomb

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ScotlandThis may be a bit on the nose, given the current headlines, but if you have some cash laying around, we found you this house in Scotland that is definitely not the bomb.

That’s because it’s the thing that detects the bomb. Or was.


See, this decommissioned ballistic missile warning radar in Scotland’s Kinross-shire used to be the site of the SATCOM II Satellite Ground Listening Station. As such, it was a NATO Intercontinental Ballistic Missile early warning radar, and acted as a NATO spy base. It was in use from about 1985 until shortly before it was sold in 2007.

It even still has a large dish antenna that can be rotated and raised to point anywhere you want, so yay?


The biggest part of the compound (which spans six to nine acres) is a large dome dubbed “The Golf Ball” by nearby residents. The entire grounds are tucked inside a double-layer security fence, too.

“‘The Golf Ball’, an iconic Perth and Kinross-shire landmark is situated on approx. 6 acres of prime development land in a beautiful rural setting with stunning panoramic views close to the villages of Kinross and junction 6 of the M90 Motorway,” the description provided by the real estate team at Amazing Results said. “The ideal location for commuting thoughout east central Scotland this is the perfect location for residential, commercial or leisure development.”

And for the doomsday prepper in all of us, yes, it’s nuke-proof.

“Linked to the main equipment building by a corridor and doors built to withstand a Nuclear, Biological or Chemical attack there’s an additional emergency power generator room and an accommodation block which housed the station mess, recreation, and office facilities,” the description said. “There’s also garages, diesel tanks and a sizeable guardhouse with full facilities including a kitchen and toilet… what more could you want?”

But maybe you’re worried about the place being too remote, so rural that schooling your tiny doomsday preppers will be difficult.

Not to worry, the Realtors said. “Well, it’s close to local facilities and those all important schools, being just two minutes from the town of Kinross and a mile from Junction 6 of the M90 motorway – making Edinburgh just a half hour commute away.”

And just to prove their business name isn’t mere hyperbole, Amazing Results finishes the pitch with this:

“Expect to be impressed! Not your average development opportunity. The ultimate DIY challenge. A home worthy of Grand Designs. A slice of Cold War history. Or just to survive a Zombie Apocalypse?”

The compound is listed for £950000 GBP, or about $1.3 million.

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