Pool Trends: Automation, Angles, and Modern Aesthetic Reign

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This modern pool by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects incorporates some of the latest and greatest design trends.

With this heat, are you dreaming of adding a cool oasis in your backyard like we are? If you don’t already have a pool, North Texas summers will surely have you wishing that you did, and if you’re wishing for a pool, why not wish for a top-of-the-line design?

That’s what Harold Leidner offers his clients. We asked the founder of his eponymous landscape design and maintenance firm about the latest in pool design and construction. Read on for his answers and you’ll be dreaming of your summer respite in living color!

CandysDirt.com: When it comes to new technology in pools, what is a popular feature that just came on the market?

Harold Leidner: We do our best to stay ahead of the curve, but most pool technology out today has been around for some time.  It has been greatly improved upon over the years, though.

When it comes to efficiency, variable speed pumps and LED lighting area no-brainer.  If you have little ones, an automated pool cover can provide you piece of mind. In-floor cleaning and UV systems make caring for a pool that much easier (although most clients opt to have us maintain their pool after construction). Pool automation has evolved to not only take care of every operational aspect of the pool, but also provides opportunities to connect with low-voltage landscape lighting and outdoor audio systems.  All of which can be controlled from your favorite smart device.

All of this technology combined with our design expertise will give you a state-of-the-art pool for years to come.

CandysDirt.com: Materials choices can make a pool stand out. What materials — tile, coatings, borders, etc. — have become more fashionable? Likewise, what materials have fallen out of favor?

Harold Leidner: Glass and mosaic tiles combined with colored aggregate plaster finishes are all the rage.  Porcelain tile is still used, but not usually in your typical 6-inch by 6-inch size. 

Despite the endless finish options, it’s the design that’s really going to put you over the top and separate you from the crowd.  Take our grass edge pool for instance (pictured below).

CandysDirt.com: We’ve seen a lot of rectangular, shallow pools recently. Are pool shapes trending away from organic shapes?

Harold Leidner: Yes. Overall we are seeing a trend in more modern pools to keep up with the overall popularity of modern architecture. However, we are landscape architects well versed in a variety of design styles.  We pride ourselves on creating spaces that fit our clients taste and architecture of the home all while staying on budget.

Let Harold Leidner Landscape Architects dream up your summer oasis. Beat the heat in style — contact them today!


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