Dinomite Marketing Sells Granbury Home in Five Days


This seems like a picture of the view from a cute little lake house, but a Jurassic marketing plan sold it in five days, with 45 showings.

Realtor Casey Lewis with Cearnal Realtors has been waiting for a good while to deploy his dinomite marketing strategy — and he finally did in Granbury last week.

In fact, when he saur this two-bedroom, one-bath lake house, he also knew that the owners wouldn’t think it was a pterrible idea.

Yes, you can see where we’re going with this, probably.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get raptored up in this mammoth marketing story of a ploy that, despite some super short arms, had tremendously long reach.


You see, at first blush, this seems like a perfectly charming lake home. The description mentions the lakeside view, porches, the fireplace, and the community boat slip.

But then you start clicking through the photos, and magic happens — life … found a way. 

Yes, that’s a T-Rex playing Vanna White, just in case you think that’s an illusion. Also, can we find more dinosaur jokes and puns? You can triceratopping us, but you’ll probably rex yourselves.

“I’ve been wanting to do that to a house for two years,” Lewis told us Tuesday afternoon. “I’ve been looking for the right home and the right client to do it, and I finally found both.”

But was it successful? Well, you be the judge. Lewis said that the listing went up last Thursday evening. Five days and 45 showings later, “I am under contract on the house,” he said, adding that he also got calls from all over Texas — and a few out-of-state calls as well.

Lewis said the dino even made the preview video for the home, too.

So Realtors, tell us — what marketing ploys have you deployed to increase interest in a house? Were they successful?