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Daylon Pereira said he would never leave Allie Beth Allman and Associates unless he was going to start his own brokerage.  Then representatives from Compass Real Estate came calling, and everything changed.

“It was a pretty sudden sort of a deal,” Pereira said. “Though it was difficult to leave Allie Beth after seven years, in the end it’s about the services I’m able to provide my clients.  For that reason, I am thrilled to say I made the right move.”

One of the deciding factors for Pereira was what he felt was Compass’s superior commitment to technology. Several years ago, he and a friend developed their own real estate marking technology. At the time, it was hard to convince others of its value. Today, cutting-edge technology and marketing are at the forefront of the changing real estate landscape.

“I feel like real estate in general is the only industry that needed to catch up with the rest of the world on technology,” he said. “Technology drives the entire consumer market these days. To stay relevant, I feel we as agents have to recognize that real estate is no different, and most brokerages have fallen behind on that curve.”

He sites Compass’s financial commitment to both the Dallas market and technology as deciding factors in this decision.  In his estimation, relationships are the key to his business. The ability to reach people more effectively is what will ultimately determine an agent’s success.

“The idea of a boutique brokerage has gone by the wayside,” Pereira said. “I don’t think you can say relevant and it be a positive that you are a boutique broker anymore.”

Pereira’s current business mix is mostly referral-based. He has a presence all over Dallas, and hope to continue working with his clients. His other goal for the upcoming year will be to focus more attention on new development services. There was a time when that was his niche, and he believes his new employer gives him additional tools to better rebuild that part of his business.

“I was looking to be inspired- to feel collaborative while also competitive,” he said. “Compass encourages an atmosphere that truly feels collaborate, supportive, and professional.”

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