The Meyer Group Finds Niche in Competitive Market

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Nadine Meyer left a successful career at a large luxury brokerage to strike out on her own.

Two years ago, Nadine Meyer took a leap of faith and left a successful career at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate to start her own brokerage.  Since then the Meyer Group has added additional agents and become a force in the Dallas market.

“Having your own little brokerage has its challenges for sure, but as a whole I love the flexibility that we offer,” she said. “We try to think out of the box and help builders, which is harder to do in a more corporate environment.”

The Meyer Group’s primary focus has been new homes and condominiums in East Dallas. They work hand-in-hand with builders from the time land is purchased until the home is ready to be sold.  The process typically takes anywhere from nine months to a year. Meyer loves being a part of every step.  She majored in art at UNT, and relishes the opportunity to use her creative side.

“By no means am I a designer, but I do enjoy being a part of that process,” she said “It makes me very passionate about what I’m selling because I helped in the design.”

Of course Meyer did not jump into the venture alone.  Her husband, Mike, handles the business and management side. The two met at Dave Perry-Miller.  He worked in mortgage while she was one of the top sellers. After some prodding from one of his friends, Nadine began talking to Mike on the phone.  They finally met in person six months later. Nine months after that, they were married. Today they have three young children, ages seven, six and three.

“We are kind of a team in every aspect,” she said. “It’s fun.”

Meyer moved to Texas from her native England when she was a teenager. She worked her way through college waiting tables before snagging a marketing job with local agent.  The job paid a little better and helped her earn credit hours.

Impressed with her work, Meyer’s boss suggested she pursue a real estate career. Her father told her it was a terrible idea, but Meyer reckoned she was already poor so she didn’t have much to lose.

“I think starting out having no money and being the poor college student helped me,” she said.  “Sometimes when people transfer to real estate it’s hard because they are used to corporate jobs and steady paychecks. I had none of that.”

Her break came when she saw construction at 3200 Ross Avenue and introduced herself to the builder.  He ended up taking a chance on her and the rest, as they say, is history.  She soon began forging relationships with other builders, many of whom are the foundation of her business today.

As for the future, Meyer says that at some point they may look to be more involved on the development side. In the mean time she intends to maintain her brokerage’s moderate size so that they can continue to provide a high level of service.

“With three small kids, one thing that we really enjoy right now it that work/life balance that we are able to create,” she said.  “I’m so happy with what we have.  I think we’d like to remain a steady constant and then see where it goes. “

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