Enjoy Art, Books, And Views Inside Bonnie Pitman’s 3525 Turtle Creek Unit

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Bonnie Pitman is opening her gorgeous unit inside the Howard Meyer-designed 3525 Turtle Creek for this year’s Turtle Creek Tour of Homes on April 8.

There may be a slew of home tours every spring, but there’s only one that focuses on the luxury high-rise buildings that line the picturesque urban neighborhood of Turtle Creek. In fact, it’s such a great tour because it offers something special: A chance to view our city from new angles and perches.

If you’re not familiar with Dallas’ Uptown neighborhood, then this tour is a great way to get acquainted. And we’re very excited at the great properties and units offered during this year’s Turtle Creek Tour of Homes benefiting the Turtle Creek Association. In its 17th year, this tour is all about the great properties and views of the area’s beloved namesake, Turtle Creek. The April 8 home tour will offer walk-throughs from 1 to 5 p.m. of one single-family home on St. Johns Drive in Highland Park, as well as units inside The Warrington, The Vendome, and 3525 Turtle Creek. There’s an additional after party at the home of Dallas’ cheese queen Paula Lambert, too, starting at 6:30 p.m. Want to attend both? Advance tickets are available through the Turtle Creek Association website for $150. For those who only want to scope the homes, tickets are $50 per person for Turtle Creek Association members, and $60 per person for non-members. 

We got the chance to chat with one of the homeowners, Bonnie Pitman, who is offering a glance at her beautiful 13th-floor unit inside the midcentury modern high-rise designed by acclaimed architect Howard Meyer — 3525 Turtle Creek. Jump for a sneak peek!


CandysDirt.com: What room or design element of your home will stand out to home tour goers?

Bonnie Pitman: The books and art are my favorite features in my home. The book shelves were custom built so that I had space for all the books I love.  

CD: Is there any feature or finish in your home that tour goers shouldn’t miss?

BP: I hope everyone is able to take time to enjoy the artwork.   

CD: If you had to choose one spot — inside or outside — on your property where you could spend all day, where would it be and why?

BP: I would choose the living room. I think my cat, Leda, would agree. She has her own spot where she sleeps and observes the house activities throughout the day.  It is my favorite place to entertain and read and watch sunsets.

CD: What are you doing to prepare for the home tour?BP: I have collected art and books throughout my life.  In preparation for the tour, Gary Owens the designer who understands my eclectic interests, spent time hanging the art, and organizing my collections.  Gary’s thoughtful and imaginative insights made a difference. We have happily worked together for 18 years.

CD: What construction or renovation have you completed since you moved in? In what ways have you put your fingerprint on your home? Additionally, were there any challenges you had to overcome to complete your renovation project?

BP: We completed the design and construction of the bookshelves.  Now we are working on completing organizing the home and defining my work and living spaces.

CD: Is there any history behind your home? Your neighborhood? Care to share?

BP: 3525 Turtle Creek is on the National Historic Register, and it was designed by Howard Meyer in 1957.  The design and history of the building was significant to me as well as having friends who were already residents.

CD: Why did you fall in love with your home? Your neighborhood?

BP:Many friends of mine had great things to say about living in the Turtle Creek area. I love to walk along the creek and enjoy the surrounding nature.

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