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Live the High Caliber Life With This Gorgeous Unit Inside the Vendome

By Joanna England / November 4, 2015 / 1 Comment

I won’t lie: We have a bit of a thing for the Vendome. This luxurious Turtle Creek condo building has some of the best views, most gracious spaces, and one of the best locations in Dallas. It’s no wonder that it’s sought after by the jet setters of North Texas. This unit, however, really gives […]

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NeoClassic Verisimilitude: The Very Best of the Vendome

By Candy Evans / February 27, 2015 / 1 Comment

You know the Vendome, the Grand Dame of Dallas high rise living? There was a time in Dallas, before The Residences at the Ritz Carlton, Museum Tower and One Arts Plaza were born, when dropping this name as your address resulted in a small hush — as in oh, you live at the Vendome? It […]

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Inside the Most Beautiful Penthouse on Turtle Creek Boulevard: The Winspear at The Vendome

By Candy Evans / February 9, 2012 / 0 Comments

It was like a coming out party this afternoon over at 3505 Turtle Creek Blvd. as every high end agent in town tossed on a fur wrap and checked out the former home of Bill and Margot Winspear. Mrs. Winspear now lives in a smaller unit in the same building. You cannot blame her: this one is 14,740 whopping square feet and they were not kidding when they said 24 foot ceilings! I got lost five times and felt like I was in a Matrix-like version of the game CLUE. For some reason, I kept wandering back into the Billiards Room. Everyone marched through, from Claire Dewar and Nancy Holloway and the whole darn team, half of Briggs-Freeman Sothebys, Erin Mathews and David Nichols (air kisses!) Dawn Rejebian, Debbie Ingram, Katye Sloan, some of US led almost by the hand by listing agent Ralph Randall lest you (ME) get lost. These photos turned out better than I expected given the gloomy day, and Ralph promises o-quality photos soon. Overheard: “At this new reduced price ($6,695,000), whoever buys it is basically pocketing $4 million.”

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Sky-High Living in an Incredibly Chic Vendome Penthouse

By Karen Eubank / December 16, 2019 / 0 Comments

I once had a long relationship with a Vendome penthouse. Before you jump to conclusions, it’s not what you think! I was hired to stage a Vendome penthouse after it was purchased by a client several years ago. Yes, after purchase. Generally, you stage before you sell a home, but my client was trying to […]

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Hate Heights? Enjoy Opulent Treetop Living in This Vendome Unit

By Joanna England / September 26, 2019 / 0 Comments

No matter the season, the views from the venerable Vendome on Turtle Creek always impress. But for those of us who want a great perch that’s not too far off the ground, treetop units can give you the birds-eye view without the anxiety. That’s just one reason we love this Inwood National Bank Home of […]

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BombSHELL Revisited: Vendome Mega-Penthouse Becomes Three

By Jon Anderson / April 15, 2019 / 0 Comments

Those of elephantine memories will recall my writing in 2015 about a 12,370-square-foot shell penthouse at the Vendome. Even though the Vendome was built in 2002, the home had never been finished out. The first owner had purchased three penthouses with the intention of creating a singularly spectacular home 20 stories above Turtle Creek. It […]

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