Seth Fowler: 2018 Predictions for Tarrant County

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The ball has dropped.  The toasts have been made.  Resolutions are probably already broken — or on their way to being broken.  It’s time to look into the Crystal Ball and make some 2018 predictions for Tarrant County Tuesday.  Are you ready?

Prediction 1: Median Sales Price

In 2017 the median sales price of homes in Tarrant County increased roughly 10 percent to the $220,000 range.  While that is good news to many who already own a home, that’s not good for those buyers who are sitting on the sidelines hoping to get into the home ownership game.

Did you know that only 10 years ago the median sales price was around $130,000?  Now those homes are being sold for almost $100,000 more?  This is not good news for Tarrant County.

And 2018 will continue to see an increase in median sales price.  I don’t think it will be 10 percent, but if it is, then that could really hurt the real estate market for many years to come.

Prediction 2: Luxury Market

For all intents and purposes we’re going to call the luxury market those homes priced $750,000 and beyond.  In 2018 I see the luxury market slllooooooowwwwwwiiiiinnnnggggg dooooowwwwwwwnnnnnn.

Why would I say that?  Currently there are 360 listings in MLS for homes in Tarrant County $750,000 or more.  The average for days on market sits at 148 days.  When the real estate economy is booming 148 days seems like an eternity.

Buyers are realizing that the seller’s market of the past few years is starting to become more balanced.  Buyers are willing to wait a little bit longer and also not as eager to over-pay like so many have done recently.  While there are still very attractive properties on the market, and while some luxury homes will sell in an instant, buyers are becoming more savvy as to what they will spend on a home.

Prediction 3: Growth Continues

In 2017, Exxon Mobile announced the relocation of nearly 1,600 employees from the Fort Worth XTO Campus.  While this was a shock and will hurt the commercial landscape of real estate, I firmly believe that in 2018 other companies will move to Tarrant County and continue the upward cycle of population growth.

Still, questions abound.  Will the companies be blue collar or white collar-type jobs?  Will there be more tourism-related employment opportunities, tech jobs, construction?  That has yet to be determined, but what I do know is that companies across the country still see the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex as a vibrant and exciting place to move — and that will only continue in 2018.

Of course it wouldn’t hurt if the Fort Worth City Council would do something about mass transit or zoning regulations to attract up-start companies and Millennials — but that’s for another blog.

Prediction 4: Cowtown Still King

Say what you want about other cities in Texas, but for 2018 Fort Worth will continue to be the Best City in Texas!  I know I’m biased because I’ve lived here for 15-plus years, and I know we’re not as metropolitan Dallas (Big D still has better shopping and restaurants), but you can’t tell me that there is a better city in the Lone Star State when it comes to culture (world-class museums), history (wonderful preservation of the past), events (rodeo, TCU, gun shows etc.) and people.

Well that’s all from Tarrant County this week, Dirty Readers. Remember, if you have comments, questions, or ideas for future stories – I’m always here to listen!  Bring it.

Seth Fowler is a licensed real estate sales professional with Williams Trew Real Estate in Fort Worth.  Statements and opinions are his own.  Seth has been involved in the home sales and real estate business in DFW since 2004.  He and his family have lived in the Fort Worth area for over 15 years.  Also, Seth loves bow ties.  You can reach Seth at 817.980.6636 or


Seth Fowler

Seth Fowler is a licensed real estate sales professional with Williams Trew Real Estate in Fort Worth. Statements and opinions are his own - no matter how correct. Seth has been involved in the home sales and real estate business in DFW since 2004. He and his family have lived in the Fort Worth area for the past 15 years. You can reach Seth at 817.980.6636. Seth also loves bow ties.

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  1. Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says

    L’shana tovah Mr. Fowler,

    I attentively read your Tarrant County predictions. Do you think the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, lowering interest deductions on loans from $1,000,000 to $750,000, will affect the Fort Worth luxury market? California realtors have expressed concern related to the high cost of Golden State real estate and accompanying mortgages. Additionally, the new law caps State, local, and property tax (SALT) deductions to $10,000 in total. Of course California has a high state income tax rate while The Lone Star State has none.

    • mmSeth Fowler says

      Thanks for being such a Dirty Supporter of Tarrant County Tuesday and your favorite Bow Tie Realtor (as if there were many out there…ha!)….you know I think the tax deduction thing will cause some buyers to pause – but you have to consider that those who can afford a $750,000 + home are few and far between and those that can spend that much are doing it because they want that home and they’re not really going to let deductions or taxes stand in their way.

      And the difference from the Lone Star State and California is vastly different when it comes to property taxes, values, increases, income tax and all that…so it’s really apples to oranges. NOW – the real question is “did you stand in line to get some legal goodies this morning???” That’s really want everyone cares to know! Happy New Year…keep reading and commenting! Seth

      • Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says

        “You will one day (i.e., Judgment Day) give account for everything your eyes saw that while permissible you did not enjoy.” Jerusalem Talmud, Kiddushin 4:12.

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