Agent Migration: The Associates Nab Frisco’s Cheney Group, Dwell Partners Join Dave Perry-Miller

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The Cheney Group — helmed by Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney — just joined Robert Elliott’s firm, The Associates. Aimee Schreiner and Lauri Ann Hanson are hanging their sign with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate.

Tis the season for new brokerages! This fall has been an active migration season for agents across the region, with many finding new homes with high-end labels both new and old. This week we see some major steam gathering up north, with two one big move in Frisco. Mostly known in Dallas for its personalized service, Robert Elliott’s brokerage — The Associates — just gained Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney’s eponymous group. And two-gal powerhouse team Dwell Partners Realty is forging a new direction with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate. 

Not only that, but Robert Elliott has opened up an office inside the $1.5 billion, 200,000-plus-square-foot development dubbed The Star

The Star at Frisco is an enormous commercial development housing the off-season home of the Dallas Cowboys.

“The Frisco city leadership has developed one of the most exciting communities in the country and I am excited to work and participate in its future,” Elliott said. “The office at The
Star is backed by a strong management team that gives our agents an advantage in the real estate industry. We are working to be a noticeable, positive addition to the city.”

Not a bad goal to have, and it’s absolutely kismet with the Cheney Group moving in. I mean, he is mayor, after all. But the Cheney Group is also absolutely brimming with top talent, smashing sales records all over the place. 

The Cheney Group at The Associates Realty

“The Associates branding, high level of luxury service to their clients and their vision to look at real estate a little differently are all reasons why we decided to join The Associates,” Cheney said. “And lastly, we are excited about being a part of a boutique real estate group with access to their own product.”

Sounds like a serious leg up for Cheney and Elliott. Congratulations!


Realtors Aimee Schreiner and Lauri Ann Hanson are taking the Dwell Partners Realty brand to Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate’s InTown office. (Photo: Megan Weaver)

It’s been a banner year for Aimee Schreiner and Lauri Ann Hanson, the dynamic duo behind Dwell Partners. They’ve had some adorable listings in Lakewood (see here and here if you don’t believe me), and have had fantastic referrals. That’s some serious hustle. 

“In the past year, Dwell Partners has tripled our business thanks to the support and referrals of our faithful clients, friends, and family,” Hanson said. “It is because of this growth that we decided to strategically take a look at our long-term goals and make a brokerage move based off of where we felt confident would provide the highest level of resources, marketing, and market presence for our team and our clients across DFW.”

That brokerage just happens to be Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate. Dwell Partners will move to the InTown office— centrally located in East Dallas.


“We were drawn to the fact that the brokerage has a large market share and an emphasis on team networking and collaboration within the strong culture,” Schreiner said. “The community of agents feels small within a large network of high producers which is critical for snagging those hip pocket listings in this hot market.” 

Congratulations, ladies!

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