Buy Jon: Your Chance to Commission a Custom Column at Legacy of Love Fundraiser

At the November 2nd Legacy of Love fundraising event at the Melrose Hotel, you can (silently) bid on my writing a feature on (almost any) real estate topic of choice.  Are you a Realtor that would like your listing featured on Would you like a personal feature/interview focused on your career and strengths as a Realtor? Are you a designer, manufacturer, or some other hanger-on in the residential real estate world?  Toss some money in the hat for a good cause (and a tax write-off) and this four-time award-winning writer is your servant (collar and leash optional).

If you are a regular reader, you know I try to walk readers through a property as though they were in the room.  That’s because I almost always walk through the properties I write up.  Heck, for one worn 1960s condo I developed a renovation plan with rough floor plan options to give buyers ideas on how to make it more free-flowing.

If you’re a designer or showroom manager, you know I like pretty, interesting, and cool things (Kohler showroom, faucets, bathtubs, etc.). Perhaps I haven’t seen your stuff … now you can change all that (and I’d love it!).

If you’re in PR for real estate or décor businesses, buy me and keep me in your pocket for a special client you want promoted.

Haven’t heard about the Legacy of Love event? (click here)  Not signed up yet? (click here)

Unfortunately The Melrose Hotel won’t allow a dunk tank in the Landmark restaurant, so politicians wanting to prove I’m all wet will have to wait.


Remember:  High-rises, HOAs and renovation are my beat. But I also appreciate modern and historical architecture balanced against the YIMBY movement.  If you’re interested in hosting a Staff Meeting event, I’m your guy. In 2016 and 2017, the National Association of Real Estate Editors has recognized my writing with two Bronze (2016, 2017) and two Silver (2016, 2017) awards.  Have a story to tell or a marriage proposal to make?  Shoot me an email

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