Magnolia Realty’s Ron Brown is not Afraid to Get His Hands Dirty

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Ron Brown
Curb appeal can be a huge deciding factor for buyers shopping online, says Realtor Ron Brown.

After what he calls a “lifetime” in commercial landscaping sales, Realtor Ron Brown returned to his first love – real estate. And in his role as at Magnolia Realty, he’s taking those years of being a landscaping professional and putting them to work. He’s on a crusade to help his clients get their homes ready for market – inside and out.

For Brown, it’s not just a personal interest in landscaping (though, he really does love it). His emphasis on his clients’ curb appeal comes from necessity, born out of the way real estate is sold now. “Everyone today shops online, they look at pictures first, and usually the first picture is the outside of the home. If it doesn’t look appealing, they won’t look further.  If the shrubs are grown up over the windows, or there’s no flowers, or the dead flowers haven’t been pulled out, that’s where I can come in and help.”


Ron Brown Gets Down and Dirty

Ron Brown

While is skill set is certainly unique, it’s really Brown’s enthusiasm that truly sets him apart.

“I’ve got a very strong sense of urgency to get things done,” Brown said. “When I want to help someone sell their home, I’m on it. I’ll tell someone, ‘Listen, I’ll work with you one weekend and let’s get this yard in shape.’ If I have to do it myself, I will. It’s that important.”

Wait. Does he really mean he does the yardwork himself?

“You bet,” Brown said.  “I absolutely do. I will go out with you on a Saturday, I will help you clean up your yard, and we’ll get it in shape. I’ll help you do anything to get that home ready for the market.”

Talk about full service!  But if you ask Brown, he’s not so extraordinary. In his work with Magnolia Realty, personal service is just the way things are done. “We do things different,” he said. “We think and act and do things differently. We’ve got a caring group of people from Chip and Joanna [Gaines] down that put people first. It’s all about people first.”


Make the Outside Bring Folks Inside

If you don’t have a Ron Brown in your life, you can still partake of some of his solid advice.  According to Brown, there are some basic things that you should do to prepare your yard to get it ready to sell:

“Certainly your lawn needs to be kept. Make your yard look pristine. Mow, edge and weed-eat. Make it nice. The other thing is, I see more shrubs that hide the profile of the house so badly. Or even trees. Clean up your trees. Raise the eye level of your low limbs so that people can see your home. If your trees are too low, you’ve blocked the view from the inside and the outside. It just gives this dark appearance to a home. And then you can always add color, whether it’s by ceramic pots or hanging baskets, or just a pocket of flowers here and there. Those things are very inviting and warm and it says, ‘Gosh, if it’s this nice outside, it must be really well cared for inside.’  And that’s what you want! You want people to want to see inside your home.”

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