The Build to Suit Process a la Bella Custom Homes: Brick & Mortar that Lasts a Lifetime

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Editor’s Note: Bella Custom Homes is a 25-year Dallas-based custom luxury home builder who has built homes for the most discriminating homeowners in Dallas. His company is not to be confused with the now defunct Bella Vita Custom Homes, which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

Let’s face it: the Dallas real estate market is still low on inventory. Families looking for the truly custom home, the one that checks all the boxes on the wish list, often despair when they cannot find exactly what they want in the marketplace.

That’s when custom home builder Tony Visconti comes in with his exclusive Build to Suit process. His experience rivals few in the business, and Tony knows building dynamics more than most. Since 1993, Tony has been helping homeowners achieve their brick and mortar dreams when it comes to a truly custom home that is unique to the person, the personality and the lifestyle.

With hundreds of luxury custom homes completed over the last 25 years, Bella Custom Homes, Tony Visconti and his team have the process down to a science. Tony and his team meet with the clients throughout the entire home building process, from beginning to end.  

The first part is lot selection. Tony helps his clients select the dirt they want, always by their side, because there are several factors that many first-time-building homeowners don’t consider from their neophyte perspective.

Location, location, location?

Important, but not the only thing to consider. The builder is also thinking about the topography of the lot, the shape and width of the lot, the soil conditions, sun position, landscaping and much more.

Once the lot is nailed, then the design process begins. Tony attends every meeting with the clients and one of his talented associate architects. This is where that wish list and customization truly comes out. Beginning with a “dream list”, Tony and the architect take all the wishes and parameters into account as they create a new home. There is not only the lot, but also neighborhood deed restrictions, or design guidelines, as well the wish list, and the all-important budget. It’s also not uncommon for the team to create preliminary renderings of the home’s key spaces. This, too, helps clients visualize and “see” the space as they work collaboratively through the plan process.

Once the plans are complete, and everyone is happy, Tony and his team start the spec and bidding process. As a fixed price builder, Bella bids out all the components that go into each of their homes. The homeowners, as well as all the subcontractors, get a detailed set of specifications. The specifications line item every component in great detail, absolutely everything going into the project. This eliminates those “grey areas”; everyone knows exactly what is expected, what is going into the project, and how much it costs.

Bella Custom Homes particularly prides itself on the transparency of the entire bidding process.  With the detailed specs, and everything bid out, this is extremely helpful to the clients.

“It definitely helps relieve some of the stresses of building a new home,” says Stacy Brotemarkle, Vice President of Bella Custom Homes. “We want the process to be an enjoyable one, too.”

With Bella Custom Homes, the process is usually so enjoyable that Tony ends up building multiple homes for his families.

“I often say that I have built through families,” says Tony. “Referrals are our number one marketing tool. We have many clients that have built with us more than once, and we kind of follow them throughout their life process. We are well known for always answering the phone for a client, even if we built the home 20 years ago!”

That, says Tony, says a lot about the philosophy of his namesake company.

Back to the custom build: once they have finalized the lot, plans and engineering, specs, and all the bids, then the construction process can begin.

Some say this is when the real fun begins. Complete one-on-one customer service, attention to detail, and the highest level of quality oversight is seen again throughout this phase. A typical 6,500 square foot home, will usually take about 10-12 months to construct at this point. Again, Tony and his team are present for every step of the process. There are frequent meetings: job site, consultations with one of Bella’s licensed designers at various supplier’s showrooms, and complete consultation and advice on the arduous (but fun!) task of decorative selections.

Finally, months later, once the process is complete, Tony wants his clients to also become his friends. That’s why he proudly points to his client/friend rolodex of happy homeowners who rave about the Built to Suit process.

“We wouldn’t have it any other way,” says a Bella Custom Homes client of more than ten years. “and we wouldn’t do it any other way. With Tony, the entire process is transparent from the start. He is a solid builder, and we would not use anyone else.”

When the process is enjoyable for the client, they are more likely to repeat it when the time comes to upsize or downsize.

“We will do everything in our power, absolutely everything, to make sure Bella Custom Homes is your builder for life,” says Tony with his signature laugh.

To see one of Bella Custom Home’s recent luxury projects, visit 4926 Deloache Ave. in Dallas. Tony holds open houses there almost every weekend, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. You can see the incredible attention to detail, and high level of quality, for yourself. I have certainly seen this masterpiece in person, and it is magnificent! (Check out the wine cellar that doubles as a safe room!) I promise, you will come away and want your very own custom, Built to Suit home!

Bella Custom Homes also has an available spec home in Frisco at 6923 Ranier St.  More information on both of these projects, as well as contact info for Tony Visconti, is available at


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