Almost-Finished Robert Elliott Custom Home Offers Rare Opportunity in University Park

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By Amy Rose Dobson
Special Contributor

There’s an almost-finished, high-end home in University Park that brings a touch of French flair to the neighborhood without being too over the top. A perfect blend of transitional elements makes this home feel like it is part of this luxury enclave while also bringing a heightened sense of sophistication to the area.
Robert Elliott Custom Homes — a Approved Builder — has brought this nearly-7,000-square-foot project from idea to fruition, and even though they haven’t put the final touches on the remaining details we wanted our readers to be the first to know this stunning home is just about ready to show the world. 

One of the aspects that sets this home apart from so many of the others nearby is the extra-wide lot. Measuring 85 feet, it gives an element of grandeur as soon as you pull up outside.
As Robert Elliot says, “I’ve built about a hundred homes and fewer than 10 of them have had this wide a lot. It’s a rare find in a neighborhood like this.” He went on to explain to that having so much extra width opened up a a variety of options, such as putting the porch on the side of the house. That allowed the designers to configure the main part of the house so there are views through to the back yard which has the added benefit of bringing ample amounts of daylight to the interior. 
We do have the floor plans to show you so you can get some ideas about what awaits when you step inside. 
On the first floor you can see there is a huge pantry and a nice-sized breakfast nook.
The second floor has space for five large bedrooms, though one was designed so it could also be used as a game room for entertaining. 
The third floor has its own dedicated bedroom and bathroom for someone who wants a little more privacy. 
This three-level home comes with five bedrooms, six baths, and is offered at $3.295 million. We’re going to give you a look inside once everything is in place but we didn’t want to wait that long to let you know such a magnificent home was available. Stay tuned! 
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    • mmCandy Evans says

      Not really. Cars are becoming less necessary in this age of Uber. They even have Uber in San Miguel de Allende. I think we will revert back to the two-car garage in normal homes. But then, this is a 7,000 square foot home… ample driveway space for extra cars. After all, land is tres Cher in UP!

      • mmJoanna England says

        I know that I would prefer a two-car garage with more room for living than have all of my pricey lot taken up by a garage.

  1. L. Wallace says

    Don’t understand why anyone would design a home where the game room is not only close to the Master bedroom but shares a wall!

    • mmJoanna England says

      The idea is that it could be another bedroom or a game room, but knowing how Robert Elliott builds houses, I doubt you’d be able to hear anything should you slumber while kiddos are playing next door. Of course, in this stage of building, you could easily switch the fourth bedroom and the game room configuration, I’m sure.

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