R.I.P. 3616 Crescent Avenue, Hexter House, by E.G. Hamilton

1963 to 2017

The new owner is Gil J. Besing, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Cardinal Capital Partners, Inc. and a seasoned real estate investor. His wife is Tricia Besing. They currently have a home in Highland Park across from the Dallas Country Club on Saint Andrews Drive. Hexter House, you had a good run.

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  • Gosh , they failed to chop down the two remaining trees near the the sidewalk.
    Oh well, they will likely kill these two trees during construction

  • What is wrong with people?! Seriously.

  • How sad. E. G. just passed away in June. This house was a true architectural gem. Shame on the Besings.

  • Candy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing so much attention to our beloved home. Knowing that so many locals (and those of us natives who have departed Dallas) are aware of the house’s fate has brought some comfort. I would just like to suggest that you adjust the home’s “birth date,” which should be 1963. We moved in the year after I was born. Please don’t make me feel any older than I already do.
    Again, my sincere thanks for your work.

    • mm

      That was a dyslexic move on my part as I recall thinking, oh, 1963… the year President Kennedy was shot. But thanks for bringing it to my attention. Your home will always be one of my most beloved!

  • This shows no respect for the amazing talent of the
    Architect or builder or the finest example from another time.
    The destruction of this exemplary piece of Dallas history
    Shows the ego and greed of Dallas today. There is no
    Respect, only $$$$$$.

  • There is nothing wrong with the Besings. They are well known in the community and classy people.

    So what if people value the land (and the potential to build what they want/like) more than what some people characterize as “historical”.

    The truth is there are a lot of really bad older homes in Dallas in general (and HP in particular) that need to be torn down. This was one of those homes. Yes, the inside was remodeled and well done. The outside looked like it housed the power plant for the St. Mark’s school over on Preston Road.

    Please. Get over yourselves. There is no disrespect for the original architect. His work served his clients then very well I am sure. If the Besings want to build something different, then so be it and good luck to them. If you want to protect what you consider to be “historic” homes, go write the check yourself and buy those homes before the new owners want to change/replace what was originally there.