Beware: Home Décor Jumps the Shark and Onto The Body

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Sure, schools are important components in educating and forming the personalities and tastes of children. And it’s common wisdom that Mommy and Daddy shouldn’t argue or smoke in front of the kiddies. It seems wisdom needs an add-on.  Apparently you shouldn’t decorate in front of the little buggers either.

Designers like Joanna Gaines and many, many others have forwarded this trend of posting inspirational, sugary words and quotations in homes.  Young adults it seems, like a snappy phrase.  Back in the day, I had a collection of buttons printed with any number of pithy, angry, and amusing slogans.  It was the iconography of my youth … along with the niceness of your parents’ cars … for school-aged tribal associations.

The newest generation of scribblers has upped the ante by making their declarations (unfortunately) permanent.  I say unfortunately because all my self-important, button-y bon mots had one vital  thing in common … they were as disposable as the angst they portrayed was outgrown.

Children are always watching and always parroting what they see in the world around them. Beware of the most innocuous wallpaper border or even crib mobile.

Parents want to rear the best children-turned-adults they can muster.  And with all the technology available, policing every aspect of their children’s lives is no less a fool’s errand than it was for their parents.

But it’s no surprise where these children spent many an hour curled up in Mommy’s lap listening to Robert Louis Stevenson’s other, more famous work, Treasure Island.

Until this fad has passed … it’s best to stick with a skin-tone color pallette devoid of Hallmark card moments emblazoned on the walls.

And remember, no object is too mundane or innocent to escape.

Should you decide to ignore this decorating tip, get on the spelling bee circuit.

… and yes, I know you’re either laughing with me or at me. Happy Friday!

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